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Spent Grain Upcycling: 30 Million Pounds and Counting!

Apr 19, 2013 Comments (0)  | Tags: News Spent Grain Upcycling: 30 Million Pounds and Counting!

Giving back to our environment is not only in our bones, but also in the way we make our beer. In a partnership with Oregon Natural Meats, we have upcycled more than 30 million pounds of spent grain to local farmers to use as feed for their cattle since 2009 – and that number grows with each and every brew.

How does it work? During the brewing process, the grain we use is stripped of its sugar in the lauter tun before entering the brew kettle. From here, the spent grain is collected in a silo outside of the brewery where it awaits a second life as feed for local cattle. Since the grain contains less sugar, it is actually easier for the cows to digest. Without this process, the spent grain would become waste in our local environment.

This just one of the many steps we take to make sure we keep our community and environment in mind every day. Learn more about our partnership, here.

Did you know…
Our tasting room offers Natural Brew Beef jerky made from cows that were fed our spent grain!

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