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Construction Update!

May 24, 2013 Comments (0)  | Tags: News Construction Update!

Every time we turn our heads, progress is made on our new expansion in the Whiteaker! We embarked on our fourth and largest expansion with a groundbreaking ceremony last summer and are making way on our new buildings including an additional brewery, administrative building and local distribution facility– all located within a two-block radius of our current facilities. All buildings are on their way to be meet nationally recognized LEED certifications – ensuring our buildings are sustainable and tread lightly on the environment.

Obviously, the most exciting part of the expansion is the new brewery - meaning more beer for more people! We couldn't be more excited to continue to extend the Ninkasi community and not only serve more people but also partner with more community organizations through our Beer is Love program. 

The new brewery, expected to be complete late 2013, is a two-story building complete with an 82-barrel brew house, nine combination fermentation/bright tanks, and a new lab. Initially, this will up our capacity by 70,000 barrels, with room to grow capacity for the next 10-15 years. That’s a lot of beer! The brewery addition will also allow us the room to experiment with new brews and beer that have longer fermentation times – like those in our Prismatic Lager Series. If you can’t tell, we’re pretty darn excited about our new facilities!

Last Friday, we received the mother of all deliveries - three, 550 barrel fermentation/bright tanks (large enough to hold more  than 17,000 gallons of beer each) to hold us over until we make the move into our new brewery later this year. Making a trip from the manufacturer in Springfield, Missouri, these gorgeous new tanks are U.S. made and only a few of those that will be inside of the new brewery. 

expansion 1

So far, the footprint of the new brewery is laid and the framework is going up. Our local distribution team moved in to its new space and is already working out of the brand new facility, complete with automated doors and a cold-storage facility. Our admin building is starting to take form, ready for us to move in come early next year. More updates to come as progress is made!

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