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10 Ways to Perpetuate Better Living at Sasquatch Music Festival!

Jun 01, 2013 Comments (0)  | Tags: Events 10 Ways to Perpetuate Better Living at Sasquatch Music Festival!

Sasquatch Music Festival is one of the best places to load up on good music, an amazing view, and meet friends (both old and new). While many of us around the brewery took Memorial Day Weekend to enjoy the outdoors and simply bask in all that the Northwest has to offer, Emilie trekked up to The Gorge for a weekend of camping, music and Ninkasi. Read on for her top 10 list of ways to Perpetuate Better Living at Sasquatch!

10. Positive Vibes
The minute you started packing for Sasquatch, you get this feeling. It trickles over you like a ripple of goosebumps and giggles. It's POSITIVE VIBES, and there's no other way to describe it. Keep that positivity with you and your experience will be pure bliss. Don't let anything get you down. You're at a music festival for crying out loud.

Sasquatch 7       

9. Generator
A power source is necessary to make every day and night a party. Just because you're not in the festival doesn't mean the party has to end. Pool your money together with friends and get a generator. Plug in your speakers and bump the music. A generator is also ideal to hang lights and also charge your phones - necessary technology during a festival!

Sasquatch 4

8. Jacket
The Gorge gets deceivingly cold at night. Unless you spend all night in the pit, you'll get very cold very fast. Bring a jacket. It's worth it.

Sasquatch 11

7. Coconut Water
General hydration is key to keeping yourself healthy. Every night before landing in your tent, down some coconut water. Although it is extremely important to stay hydrated throughout the day, it is the perfect finishing touch to fill your body with extra nutrients that you don't get from water.

6. Deodorant
Sasquatch is also about respect. Respect for the beauty of The Gorge, respect for amazing music and respect for your friends and your neighbors. The best way to achieve the latter is to protect those pits! If you don't want to wait in line for hours for a shower, that's fine but please do what you can to minimize unwanted smells. Leave the Honey Buckets to fulfill the Sasquatch stenches.

5. Face Paint
Besides Halloween, what other time of the year is it appropriate to douse your face with face paint and glitter? Sasquatch, of course! Express your creativity and be whoever you want to be. This magical land is a no judgment zone so let your freak flag fly.

Sasquatch 9

4. Costumes
This coincides with the face paint must-do. Dress up! Do something crazy! Do something as simple as wearing cat ears or do something as nuts as dressing up in a full leopard body suit (we're not joking, they are out there). Celebrate America and dress in red, white and blue. This is also a great way to always keep track of your group - the Ninkasi logo works pretty well for this (and also encourages many high-fives and thumb's ups).

Sasquatch 1

3. Snacks on Snacks on Snacks
Pretend like you're back in elementary school and stuff your backpack with PB&J sandwiches and granola bars before heading out of your camp. Chances are you are dancing and moving around all day and may not realize you're hungry until BAM. You're gut wrenchingly hungry and you need to feed yourself. Save those extra dollars and pack snacks. There's no such thing as too many snacks. Hence our motto: Snacks on Snacks on Snacks.

Sasquatch 10

2. Noodle
This might be one of the most important things to bring into the festival. If you go to the bathroom or leave to watch another show for a couple songs, you can always find your friends by finding the noodle. Our group motto is "When in doubt, follow the noodle." Other options are giant fake flowers or different things glued onto poles, like unicorns. Now that is brilliant.

Sasquatch 5

Well, duh. This goes without saying but bring your favorite beer. This is a special weekend so bring what makes you the happiest. This year,Total Domination IPA, Spring Reign and Radiant Ale was our Ninkasi selection. There's truly nothing better then ending the Spring season and starting the Summer season with seasonal beers.


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