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Forming Community with World Kayak

Jun 20, 2013 Comments (0)  | Tags: Beer is Love Forming Community with World Kayak

World Kayak is all about growing community and getting boaters on the water in a fun friendly setting. It has a web hub where its team of volunteer ambassadors keep the news flowing with as much local information as possible. In addition to the web, World Kayak hosts the Hometown Throwdown (HTTD) series. World Kayak is the most well known for its fun free event series. It consists of 180 events around the world, and the is the biggest event series in whitewater kayaking history! The thing that really separates its events from all the rest is the feel and the fun factor. The event is focused on having events for paddlers of all skill levels, and gives points for simply participating and having a good time. All of the fantastic prizes partners provide are given out based on participation not performance. That way everyone has the same chance to get first pick from the prize pool!

Having a CEO and many employees who can be found kayaking on the weekend, a relationship with World Kayak seemed like second nature for us. World Kayak program manager, Colin, first connected with us at the Whitewater Symposium, where we were hosting a booth. Colin, a home brewer himself, had the chance to meet up with Nikos and Aaron and a great relationship was formed. 

"The addition of Ninkasi to our WK family of partners has been nothing short of amazing. In addition to the great prizes our community hang out time has been greatly increased! Historically the prize ceremony and reading of the results lasted for 30 minutes or so, but with the addition of some fantastic Ninkasi beer we are often in the parking lot for 2 hours or so after the event is wrapped up. That is community!" - Colin, World Kayak program manager

HTTD 4 - floriston race HTTD 4 - floriston race

HTTD 4 - floriston race

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