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We're Going to Beer Camp! Announcing the Sierra Nevada Collaboration 12-Pack for 2014

Jul 18, 2013 Comments (0)  | Tags: Collaborations, News, Beers Were Going to Beer Camp! Announcing the Sierra Nevada Collaboration 12-Pack for 2014

The other day, our founding brewer, Jamie Floyd, entered the office with some seriously exciting news. How did we know this news was so great? Was it his smiling from ear to ear and practically jumping up and down with joy? Yes, yes it was.

The day before, he received THE call he has been waiting for. The ultimate collaboration that he believed only to exist in his dreams: Sierra Nevada.

Jamie shut the door to the office and kept saying over and over how he could not believe this was happening. This was quite the moment not only for Jamie, but for everyone at this company. Everyone is stoked. Everyone is proud and honored to be included in this amazing project.

Ninkasi is not the only lucky brewery to be collaborating with Sierra Nevada. There will be a grand total of 12 breweries collaborating with Sierra Nevada to create a variety 12-pack of beer that celebrates the craft beer industry and the people who support it.

The official title of this project is "Beer Camp Across America." Currently, Sierra Nevada is building a new brewery in Mills River, North Carolina. Each of the 12 breweries was selected to not only honor the industry but to, in turn, create a path across the U.S. leading to Seirra's new brewery.

We are so grateful for this opportunity to work with this legendary craft brewery. May the force be with the two of us as we join together for some serious magical beer making.

For more information on "Beer Camp Across America," you can read Sierra Nevada's press release here. We're looking forward to collaborating in 2014!

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