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Science Friday: Geek Out!

Jul 19, 2013 Comments (0)  | Tags: Beer Geekery Science Friday: Geek Out!

Our lab is full of healthy living things, including yeast! Our lab tech Dana is a pro when it comes to yeast propagation and cultivating of healthy yeast cells.

Tuesday, was just another day in the lab for Dana, but for the rest of us, we love to geek out over these images. This is a look at our SUPER healthy lager yeast! This past Tuesday we brewed our first batch of Oktoberfest Dortmunder, one of our newest Rare and Delicious Series beers (more to come soon!), with this lager yeast. You can tell it’s healthy from the lack of blue, dead cells. The lager yeast is generally more oval or egg shaped compared to our house ale yeast which has round cells.

And there you have it. Happy Science Friday!

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