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McKenzie River Trust & The Berggren Demonstration Farm

Aug 26, 2013 Comments (0)  | Tags: Beer is Love McKenzie River Trust & The Berggren Demonstration Farm

In conjunction with Sterling Bank, we set aside more than $37,000 from our current expansion to support local area organizations that build on the values of our Core Purpose: To Perpetuate Better Living, and the historical connection of beer to community, culture, art and food. We selected six organizations that fit the bill and donated $6,250 to each, one of which is the McKenzie River Trust and the Berggren Demonstration Farm. We particularly appreciated that the project supports a local food supply, healthy river habitat, and much more. Last week, McKenzie River Trust hosted our CEO, Nikos and our events road-warrior, Aaron, on a tour of the Berggren Watershed Conservation Area to see for themselves how their investment will be used on the ground.

"Summer is a particularly good time to see the value of good investments in water management.  It is a lean time of year for the river, so whatever we can do to be conscious and careful about our water use pays off for the whole community-finned, feathered, furred or two-footed- in a big way. And at the same time, the magic sweetness of a freshly grown cucumber and the clamor of a brood of young Mergansers on the river both speak to the incredible wealth of soils, forests, and water that we enjoy.  Take time to savor it all!" - Joe Moll, McKenzie River Trust Executive Director.

Learn more about the McKenzie River Trust and the Berggren Demonstration Farm, here!




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