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Get Cooking With The American Craft Beer Cookbook

Sep 26, 2013 Comments (0)  | Tags: Recipes Get Cooking With The American Craft Beer Cookbook

Beer-loving author and journalist John Holl wanted to find 155 mouth-watering recipes that all taste even better when you add great craft beer to the mix. So what did he do? He went straight to the source and asked his favorite breweries and brewpubs from around the country for their favorite dishes! The result of his mission is one of the most exciting and inspiring cookbooks to hit our kitchen: the American Craft Beer Cookbook.

Our founding brewer, Jamie Floyd, was honored to contribute a recipe to this collection of delicious dishes. Jamie, and everyone at Ninkasi, sees beer as a catalyst to bring people together so they can share experiences and passions. Pairing that beer with some food that's prepared with a lot of TLC takes that experience to the next level!

We caught up with John when he visited Eugene last week and now we’re even more excited to stock our refrigerators and start cooking all 155 of these dishes. From what we’ve seen and tasted, we’re sure that every recipe guarantees you'll be members of the clean plate and empty pint glass club!

Check out Jamie’s recipe for Roasted Root Vegetable Hash (don’t forget the hoppy red ale)!


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