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Ninkasi’s First Wind-Powered Delivery to the Two-Harbors Microbrew Festival

Oct 09, 2013 Comments (0)  | Tags: Events Ninkasi’s First Wind-Powered Delivery to the Two-Harbors Microbrew Festival

Two Harbors, Catalina Island, off the shore of Southern California

This post is brought to you by Celeste, a member of our champion events team in San Diego, about Ninkasi's first-ever wind-powered delivery! 

On a beautiful weekend in September, Captain Dylan and I prepared the Sloop Dawn Patrol for its first island beer delivery.

IMG_2526Dawn Patrol gets loaded up!

After loading the vessel with several cases of our finest beers and a weekend’s worth of supplies, we set sail for the small town of Two Harbors located on the isthmus of Catalina Island. With the wind in our sails and the mainland behind us, we set our heading on the Two Harbors Microbrew Festival. We crossed the channel safely accompanied by sea lions, dolphins, and sunfish, and arrived at the island, beer in tow, just after dark. We moored in the harbor and retired in preparation for the following day’s festivities.

IMG_2544The Festival Site

The next morning we awoke to a glorious day and set upon tackling our first challenge: getting the beer to shore! We were equipped with one small dinghy (complete with a hole of an undetermined size), two undersized paddles, and of course, the two of us: able sailors and beer fest vets. The dinghy floated! The beer was loaded and we boarded and set off on the slow paddle to shore. Our small craft, fully loaded with precious cargo, attracted some attention in the crowded harbor, and after a short while of strenuous paddling, we were offered a tow by a dinghy with a motor the rest of the way.

IMG_2538Captain Dylan in the dinghy.

Upon our arrival at the dinghy dock, two helpful islanders whisked the beer away to get iced up for the island’s thirsty guests.


The festival attendees were pleased by a delicious assortment of Ninkasi’s quality ales and Southern Californians were thrilled to hear of the recent availability of these fine libations in their area! The three-hour fest was short and sweet and culminated in a refreshing dip in the ocean for some and a nap on the beach for others.



No sailing venture is complete without at least a minor challenge, and this trip was no exception! Despite our luck with the favorable wind, we did have to run the engine to get out of the harbor before opening up the sails. Putt, putt, went the motor until suddenly it cut out just as we were able to catch some wind. We sailed for a while before Captain Dylan descended into the belly of the beast for diagnosis.


A severed exhaust pipe! The horror! As experienced jerry-riggers and beer professionals we quickly landed a solution. Beer cans and heat resistant tape! Luckily, we had traded a few bottles of Ninkasi for some cans from a favorite So Cal brewery, Ballast Point. Captain Dylan and I each drained a can of California Lager (purely out of necessity (a great morning beer, by the way)), and Dylan used the beer cans to splint the exhaust pipe, taped it up, and we were on our way!

Beer saves the day! Cheers and stay tuned for Ninkasi’s next wind-powered delivery!


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