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Ninkasi Goes to the UK!

Oct 17, 2013 Comments (0)  | Tags: Collaborations, Beers Ninkasi Goes to the UK!

Earlier this year the folks behind the Wetherspoon Real Ale Festival invited Jamie to fly to Scotland and team up with a brewery in the UK  to brew something absolutely awesome to be showcased at their festival.

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The Wetherspoon Real Ale Festival celebrates the beauty and deliciousness of international partnerships by showcasing  collaborations between breweries in the UK and ten different American craft brewers

The invitation to be one of these ten brewers was a no-brainer for our founding brewer, who not only loves collaborating with friends at other breweries, but is also part Scottish and had never visited the country before last month (and there is clearly no better reason for an inaugural visit than one that involves BREWING BEER!).


So Jamie packed his bags and headed across the pond to collaborate with the team at Caledonian Brewingon a cream ale to be cask conditioned for the festival.


From start to finish, Jamie had the trip of a lifetime. It was a huge honor for him to brew with Caledonian Brewingand get a feel for the history of the brewery. Considering they've been brewing in Edinburgh for 140 years, there was a lot of history for Jamie to soak up!


Jamie not only had a blast, but he was also able to learn a lot from the shared and different practices as the team of brewers worked together to produce something absolutely delicious!


The Cream Ale will be flowing at the festival until the end of the month, which sounds like just enough time for all of us to book a little European vacation! For more information, check out the festival's website, here:

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