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How to Pair Your Holiday Food with Ninkasi!

Dec 23, 2013 Comments (0)  | Tags: Recipes

Here’s an idea for your holiday meal: ditch the wine or the hard stuff and pick some craft beer to serve alongside all of your favorite dishes. Trust us, we love a good glass of wine with dinner or bourbon cocktail with dessert, but with so many styles of beer to choose from, it would be a crime to deprive your taste buds of so many perfect beverages to pair with just about anything you might be eating this holiday season.


Here’re a few ideas to get you started:

Sleigh’r: You can’t really have Christmas without the Sleigh’r Santa on hand to liven up the party. The nice thing about Sleigh’r, is that it gets along really well with a lot of your holiday favorites. Making a ham? Pour Sleigh’r. Skipping the ham for prime rib or duck? No need to skip the Sleigh’r, it goes well with ALL of the meats. And if you want to get really awesome, try braising your ham WITH Sleigh’r. That’s right, we said it. Once you’ve dug yourself out from the delicious beer/meat coma, cut up some gingerbread and pour MORE Sleigh’r, because you don’t want to miss out on this magical combination.


Beer recipe suggestion: Sleigh’r Balls!


BelieverIf you’re only going to buy one beer for your holiday table, we believe it should be this one. This insanely drinkable and balanced brew is the quintessential beer for food. It is absolutely divine with cheese (especially the buttery, creamy, most delicious of the cheeses. Pick up a wedge of triple cream brie and just try to tell us it doesn’t taste better with sips of Believer.) And with the main course, you really can’t go wrong with anything when it comes to pairing a dish with Believer, but you really should go with a ham. As our founding brewer says, there’s a place in heaven for pigs and Believer where they wallow in each other’s glory. If you want to get really crazy, braise your ham in our red ale. We promise deliciousness. And when you get to the final and sweetest course, don’t you dare take that Believer off the table. It pairs perfectly with pecan pie and it will even make that fruity fruit cake that grandma refuses to stop making taste good.


Beer recipe suggestion: Sautéed brussels sprouts with Believer!

Total Domination IPA and Tricerahops: Our IPAs should not be overlooked as ideal beverages for your holiday meal. Both pair well with seasonal dishes from start to finish of any dinner. Serve up some tangy, zesty cheeses with Total Dom while you’re braising your meat (using Imperiale, Sleigh’r or Oatis of course). Keep this IPA close by when you bring out the scalloped potatoes or veggie side dishes. And no need to take it away when the main course comes out. Both Total Dom and Tricerahops are positively delicious with plank salmon (or any other seafood), that Dungeness crab salad, or goose, pheasant, game hen, or any other gamey meat. And how about a steak topped with a blue cheese or mushroom-based sauce? Either eat that puppy with a little Trice on the side OR, even better, make it WITH our hoppiest of beers. If you’re looking for a dessert to serve with Total Dom, we suggest making something with orange zest or orange marmalade. The citrusy treat will be like a party in your mouth when you pair it with the citrus notes in our IPA.

Beer recipe suggestion: Ginger Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Tricerahops Buttercream Frosting

Oatis: While you can pair Oatis with some solid holiday dishes (ham, prime rib, or as liquid to braise meat with, to name a few), but what really has us drooling all over our keyboard, is the thought of taking one of those peanut butter cookies with a Hershey kiss on top (you know the ones!) and just straight up dunking it in a pint of Oatis. Who needs milk for Christmas cookies when you have craft beer?

Beer recipe suggestion: Honey Cake with Oatis Oatmeal Stout!


Vanilla Oatis: While we’re on the subject of Christmas cookies, it would be wrong to try and serve Christmas cookies without a pint of Vanilla Oatis close by. Picture this: put your buttery, shortbread cookies in one hand, put a cold glass of Vanilla Oatis in the other, put those hands together and what do you get? Holiday dessert perfection, that’s what. The slightly sweeter of our oatmeal stouts would also be perfect for chocolatey desserts or as an ingredient in brownie sundaes drowning in ice cream or a rich, delicious stout cake.

Beer recipe suggestion: Vanilla Oatis Brownies


And when you head out to warm up by roasting some chestnuts on an open fire, don’t forget the Sleigh’r!

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