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How Team Ninkasi is Going to Rock 2014

Jan 07, 2014 Comments (0)  | Tags: News

To kick off 2014 with a bang, we asked a few members of Team Ninkasi to share a couple of their resolutions with all of you. In the spirit of all things Ninkasi Brewing, we specifically asked this group to share one resolution related to the wonderful world of craft beer and one resolution related to our core purpose: to Perpetuate Better Living. Because, I think we can all agree, that those are two of the most important things to focus on in a year, amiright?

Enjoy what everyone shared, set a few of your own craft beer and PBL style goals for 2014, and tell us all about them. Cheers!

Dana, Our Lab Goddess who Dreams about IBUs, ABV and Yeast Libraries


"When it comes to craft beer, I pledge to go outside of my comfort zone when I'm ordering beer and actually try new styles!

And to Perpetuate Better Living, I swear I will join one of the Ninaski/Playground Sports teams to help integrate work and life."

Tiffany, Our Goddess of the Northern California Beer Scene


"I'm going to complete my Cicerone certification and then I'm going to get the most kickass tattoo to celebrate!"

Barbara, our Supply Ninja


"I'm going to finally convert my extended family into the Religion of Craft Beer. (I sense our year ‘round Lager series will be the perfect way!)

And I am going to make it to the top of Mt. Bachelor on skis with a celebratory 22oz of IPA, knowing I will be able to make it down the run without sliding down on my ass."

Brian, the One Who Makes Sure Washington Craft Beer Fans Don't Go Thirsty


"I'm going to go on an out of state brewery vacation to check out all of the local craft beer in that town, and I'm going to do more hiking and outdoor backpacking to Perpetuate Better Living."

Jared, our Master of Sensory


"I'm going to take (editor's note: and ROCK) the Beer Judge Certification Program and then judge a beer competition. And I'm going to Perpetuate Better Living by reading a book every month and starting a Ninkasi Book Club to help me do this."

Ali, the Goddess who Spreads the Good Word about the Beer of the Goddess

1016087_10100959224488346_1167214_n"I'm going to visit ALL of the craft breweries in the Willamette Valley and Bend.

And I'm going to Perpetuate Better Living by doing more yoga AND completing a century ride!"

Emilie, Our California Beer is Love Goddess


"12 months 12 beers 12 states 12 styles. I want to try one new beer per month. Each beer has to be from a different state and will be a different style.

And I will perpetuate better living by working out so I can work off all the new beers I try."

Nicole, our Northwest Beer is Love Goddess


"I am committed this year to learning as much about beer as possible and am finally going to do Cicerone! And to Perpetuate Better Living, I will be seeking out new trail running and nature adventures all year and finally running the Bay to Breakers!"

JJ, the Goddess that Keeps Us Operating


"I am going to drink more blind sets to get better at blind identification AND I'm going to drink more beers from more breweries that are new to me.

And I'm going to Perpetuate Better Living by volunteering with a local college preparation organization for low income students."

Emily, the One Who is Addicted to Beer Porn, Hashtags and the Internet


"Any time I travel, I'm going to try one new-to-me local craft beer and actually use Untappd so I can keep track of all these new brews.

To Perpetuate Better Living in 2014, I'm going to explore the heck out of my new home on the west coast by getting myself to as many running trails, state and national parks and forests, coast lines, mountains, and breweries (of course!) as humanly possible."

Josh, the One Who Makes Sure Washington Stays Hoppy


"I'm going to add to my beer cellar collection by no less than 20% focusing on NW beers. And I'm going to Perpetuate Better Living by stopping once a day in my beer selling travels to enjoy the natural splendor that is the Pacific Northwest. Just play one awesome song on the car stereo and take it all in. (But I'll probably enjoy that splendor from inside the car most of the time as it's usually cold and wet out there.)"

Alright Ninkasi fans, what do you have on tap for 2014? Share your craft beer and PBL goals in the comments or by tweeting/facebooking us @ninkasibrewing!

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