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Introducing: PRAVDA

Feb 06, 2014 Comments (2)  | Tags: Beers Introducing: PRAVDA

We'll be the first ones to admit that lagers don't always have the best reputation. A lot of craft beer lovers associate the style with something closer to water than delicious, flavorful beer. But we'll also be the first ones to tell you that lagers deserve so much more of our love and attention. And if you're someone who is reluctant to order a lager, there's a good chance you just haven't met the right beer yet. Because let us tell you, once you have a good lager in your hand, you won't ever want to put it down.


Team Ninkasi has met a lot of these irresistible kinds of lagers, which is why we're excited to finally be rolling out our own lagers that will be flowing all 365 days of 2014. While this may be the first time in Ninkasi's history that we'll be able to brew a lager year-round, good lagers have been around for centuries.

It's these lagers that we're drawing inspiration from as we craft the brews for our new Prismatic Series. Traditional lagers. Artisanal lagers. Lagers that will inspire you to never question the style again.

The first lager of our 2014 Prismatic Series is all of these things and more.


Pradva, inspired by the Slavic word for truth, is a Bohemian-Style Pilsner, known for its prevalent hops balanced out by a rich, bready malt aroma. We kept this beer very true to its roots and brewed it using all of the traditional elements that make this such a refreshing and delicious style to pour into your pint glass..

It's complex, yet refreshing. It's medium-bodied, and it goes with so many of your favorite foods, from Asian cuisine and bleu cheese to berries and shortbread. It's golden colored, and it's won a gold medal.

gabf medal

That's right. Back in October, the fine judges at the Great American Beer Festival declared this beer a winning choice for your cooler.

gabf medal

Which is why you probably should stop reading about this delicious, traditional, artisanal lager, and go taste it for yourself.


Read more about this award-winning lager here.

Comments (2)

  1. Anthony Pellegrini:
    Feb 12, 2014 at 05:37 PM

    I have long moaned about the lack of good craft lagers in the NW. It’s always been a point of contention with myself and the zombie like hop-heads that roam freely amongst us. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good IPA as much anyone. But.

    Can I just thank you wholeheartedly, you’ve succeeded where others have not. You created a perfect representation of what a true Bohemian Lager should be. It’s masterful; Crisp without an overpowering hop bitterness, and dances beautifully with the malt. It’s drinkability is perfect and it’s refreshment is off the charts.

    I have one request; Don’t stop making it. I am already hoarding six-packs for when it is no longer amongst us. You hit a home run, stride around the bases and enjoy it.

    You’ve made a longtime bartender very happy, and I sing your praises.


    Anthony Pellegrini

  2. admin:
    Feb 12, 2014 at 10:12 PM

    Thank you, Anthony for such admiration for Pravda! We love this beer as well and are excited to offer lagers year-round this year. In May, you’ll be seeing a German-Style Helles Lager available from us under this same Prismatic Lager Series. Hopefully you enjoy this beer just as much!

    Cheers to you and a big thank you for being a fan from all of us!

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