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Bring on Spring: Spring Reign Returns!

Feb 26, 2014 Comments (0)  | Tags: Beers Bring on Spring: Spring Reign Returns!

We don't know what's going on in your neck of the woods, but here in Eugene we've been  enjoying a streak of warmer weather and sunnier skies.


All of this unseasonably nice weather is really getting us in the mood for an early spring. Who cares if it's only February? And so what if that silly groundhog saw his groundhog shadow? What does a groundhog know about weather forecasting, anyway?

We're ready to BRING ON SPRING.

So we did.

That's right. Our Spring Seasonal Release is hitting shelves and taps a little early this year.

We figured that after record-breaking snowfalls in Eugene and polar vortexes gripping half the country, most people would be okay with an early spring.


With a light toasted malt flavor and bright Northwest hops, Spring Reign is the perfect beer to help usher in the changing of the seasons. It's one of our five Seasonal Release Series brews, designed to celebrate changing seasons with exciting, yet familiar styles. Brewed with quality ingredients, including water from Oregon’s own McKenzie River, Northwest hops, and regionally-sourced malt, each beer style captures the mood of the season and brings about change in each pint – and Spring Reign is no exception.

Spring Reign is based on Jamie's first-ever professional recipe for a beer called Starchile, which was also his first-ever music tribute beer inspired by the hero of the Funk Universe that George Clinton created for parliament and Funkadelic. Biscuit Malt had just begun to be imported into the US at the time and Jamie decided to play with this new malt. Much like our Single Hop Series, he profiled this new, experimental ingredient with a simple Pale malt base so he could easily see the results of the new malt. He ended up loving the toasty flavor and the dry finish that provides a clean and popping hop flavor. Spring Reign uses this same base grain bill but is a little bigger in alcohol and incorporates some different hops that give it a higher IBU. Sometimes simple is better and this is a great example.

In the spirit of the Pacific Northwest, Spring Reign pairs well with rain or shine, and can be served alongside cold salads for a warm, sunny day, or warm soup for a cold, rainy day. This refreshing ale also goes well with poultry, fish, cheese plates, and dried fruit.


And puppies. Spring Reign goes really, really well with puppies.

And if you want to get really crazy and awesome with our next seasonal beer, try making Spring Reign Guacamole or Spring Reign Tempura Shrimp.

Full tasting notes here.

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