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Brewed with Pink Boots

Mar 04, 2014 Comments (0)  | Tags: News, Collaborations Brewed with Pink Boots

If you walk into any craft brewery anywhere in the world, the odds that you'll spot a pair of boots are somewhere between "without a doubt" and "100% chance of tall, waterproof footwear". Which is why this critical piece of a brewer's wardrobe is the perfect symbol for the Pink Boots Society, an organization devoted to helping women advance and thrive in the beer industry.

The Pink Boots Society covers all aspects of beer: brewing, fermenting, packaging, conversing, selling and serving. The one thing that unites every member of the group: they're all women. The goal of this stellar organization is to empower females in the beer industry and to provide a scholarship fund for educational opportunities.

pink boots

One particularly fitting (and awesome) way that they heighten awareness and raise money for this scholarship fund is to brew a beer for International Women's Collaboration Brew Day. To celebrate this day, chapters across the world congregate at their local breweries and team up on a beer that can be brewed with universally available ingredients.


Ninkasi wanted to support this effort with both womanpower for the brewing and ingredients for the beer. So we sent Tiffany, a star member of Team Ninkasi, along with a whole bunch of Cascade hops to join a crew of beeronistas from the San Francisco Bay Area chapter at Drake's Brewery.


The women spent the day working with the brew crew at Drake's to brew a pale session beer with Cascade, El Dorado and Citra hops.


The beer will be released this week in San Francisco, with proceeds benefiting the scholarship fund.


Make sure you track it down and drink some beer to support women in craft beer!

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