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When Ninkasi Beer is Your Career

Mar 18, 2014 Comments (0)  | Tags: News When Ninkasi Beer is Your Career

For the second year in a row, Ninkasi was named one of the top medium-sized companies to work for in the state of Oregon.

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This ranking, assembled by the Oregon Business Magazineis based on employee satisfaction surveys and benefits reports from each company. Since we know you’re probably all wondering what exactly Ninkasi’s doing to make it such a fantastic place to earn a paycheck, let us fill you in on some of the many perks of working in craft beer!


1)      The people. You can probably imagine the kind of person who wants to work in craft beer, right?


They love beer (obviously), want to play as hard as they work, and are passionate, fun, and spirited individuals.


One new hire challenged us to find him a Ninkasi employee who wasn’t straight up awesome. As much as we love to win challenges, we informed him right away that we had to admit defeat. Everyone who works at the company is awesome. Period.


2)      The beer. Duh. There’s a lot of delicious beer at the brewery and we get to drink it (with all those rad people we work with) and bring home a lot of it to cheers our friends and families.


3)      Our Core Purpose and Core Values (Quality Output in Everything We Do, Creative Pursuit of Mastery, Integrity in our Acts, and Successful Integration of Work and Life). We strive to uphold our Core Purpose- to Perpetuate Better Living- with everything we do and that makes the brewery a heck of a great place to go to work.


4)      We like to have fun. Dance party breaks? You betcha. Pints after work? Every day. Home brewing with the brew crew? Wouldn't miss it.


Team meetings with great snacks (read: beer)? All the time. There’s definitely no shortage of chances to have a good time around the brewery.


5)      We have a lot of opportunities to exercise together. And we all know exercise makes you happy, and happy people just don’t hate going to work (right, Elle Woods?).


We’ve got bikes available for employees to check out and ride around town, a running club that meets once a week for miles and pints, sports teams for everything from kickball to bowling, and tons of people ready to mountain bike, kayak or climb with you faster than you can say “beer and bikes.”


6)      We have a masseuse come in twice a week to give massages in the break room (yes, for real!)

7)      Each department hosts company contests to insert some friendly competition into the work day, including chili cook-offs and costume contests.


8)      You know how some people complain about traveling for work? You don’t hear very much of that around the brewery.Probably because the places we’re traveling to involve a lot of delicious beer and getting to hang out with people who love it (like all of you!)


9)      The dress code.


And the rad merchandise we get as part of our benefits each month.


10)   The amazing volunteer opportunities. Through our Beer is Love program we are able to pick a community service organization of our choice and take a (paid!) day off work to go and lend a hand.


We also have organized events where a  bunch of people from the brewery get together to have a volunteer party! Recently, a whole crew of folks helped plant trees with the McKenzie River Trust.


11) Location, location, location! Our new administrative building is going to be off-the-charts amazing! It’s equipped with a rock climbing wall, employee bars, heated bike parking, a recording studio, and a pilot brew system.


Sounds like the kind of place where you’d really love your job, huh? Want to join in on the fun at Ninkasi? We’re hiring! And will keep hiring as we continue to grow. Check out our careers page for current postings!


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