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Craft Gates for Craft Beer

Mar 27, 2014 Comments (0)  | Tags: News Craft Gates for Craft Beer

A few months ago, we installed a massive (4000 pounds!) and massively impressive gate between Ninkasi’s Local Distribution facility and our new administrative building.


While that work of art is rad enough to give us fabrication street cred to last a lifetime, we still have an entire new brewery that is in need of gates. So Jazz and Pat, our two fabrication artists who design and churn out everything from our unique tap handles to key chains and fire pits, have been pouring another round of sweat and creativity into a slew of new entrances for the new brewery.


We stopped by the fabrication shop to learn just how much art and work goes into these works of art. (Spoiler alert: it’s kind of a lot.)

gate 1

From start to finish, each of the three, three-layer, 1,700-pound gates takes the duo about three weeks to complete. There’s designing to be done, metal to be cut and maneuvered, mockups to be laid out, steel to be welded, layers to be powder coated, thousands of bits to be fastened, and plenty of challenges to hurdle along the way. Challenges like: how do you keep someone from sticking their hand through a gate to break into the brewery and steal every ounce of Total Dom? Answer: a layer of stainless steel Ninkasi logo mesh!


Or, how do you get steel to round the way you want it to when it arrives all bendy (yes, that’s a technical fabrication term)? Answer: secure it down and then hook it up to a fork lift to MAKE it round enough.


There are also artistic challenges for the design process, like how do you make this gate different from the one at the admin building? One very cool way Jazz decided to make each gate unique was to stagger the logos so each burst of rays is shining onto the next gate and insert “elements” into the rays. At the time of press for this blog post, these elements are still top secret but we CAN tell you that they’ll be incredibly awesome and a tribute to the delicious stuff we make.


Clearly, these masterpieces are not your typical brewery gates and are true labors of love. So, you should all schedule a visit to Eugene so you can stop by and admire the craft behind them!


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