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How Beer Gets from the Brewery to Your Fridge

Jun 03, 2014 Comments (0) How Beer Gets from the Brewery to Your Fridge

Let’s talk about the three-tier system.

Some of you may have heard of the three-tier system, others may wonder why we’re talking about something that sounds like a method for baking wedding cakes on a beer blog.

But the three-tier system is actually very related to beer. It’s how beer gets from us to you!

You see, it’s against the law for breweries to sell beer directly to consumers (which was enacted after Prohibition was repealed in 1933 in order to encourage competition and prevent monopolies in the beer industry). So in order to make sure you can get your hands on it, we have to use the three-tier system.

In this set-up, there are three tiers (Obviously, right? Hence the name):

Tier One: Breweries (or anyone who manufactures alcohol)

Ninkasi Brewery

Tier Two: Distributors

Ninkasi Brewery

Tier Three: Retailers (bars, restaurants, bottle shops), which is where you all get hooked up with good craft beer


Using this system, we sell our beer to distributors, who then sell it to retailers, who then sell it to you. It’s a lot of steps, we know, but the end goal is a good one.

Because we wanted to be able to deliver the highest quality of service on a local level, we created our own arm of distribution for Eugene and Corvallis.

Ninkasi Local Distribution

Our Local Distribution team delivers Ninkasi beer to all of our accounts and retailers in these cities seven days a week. This team of eight works day in and day out to make sure our beer gets from the brewery to all of our thirsty local craft fans.

Ninkasi Snow

By making sure Ninkasi is available in rain, snow or shine, our Local Distribution team is able to take care of the people who have supported us since the beginning.

Stay tuned for more information about this unique and awesome part of the Ninkasi experience!

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