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Keeping it Local

Jun 05, 2014 Comments (0) Keeping it Local

It all started in the back of a pickup truck. A gold Ford Ranger, to be exact.

That’s what Jamie and Nikos used to hand-deliver Ninkasi beer to bars, shops and restaurants around Eugene and Corvallis. As you can probably imagine, with every keg and case of beer that they delivered, they got to be closer and closer to folks all over town. Which was great, since Jamie’s biggest goal in starting Ninkasi was to be the village brewer. And the more they were able to help fulfill the local craft beer needs, the more they felt like they were accomplishing this goal.

Becoming so close to beer lovers all over town is why Jamie and Nikos decided they needed to start a local distribution team. They wanted to make sure that the people who have supported us since the beginning continue to be taken care of with the highest quality of service, even as we expand.

Ninkasi Local Distribution

“Ninkasi was founded on the idea that Nikos and I could give the highest level of service by doing it ourselves, a foundation for our ‘Local D’ team,” is how Jamie tells the story of the birth of Local D.

In order to deliver the highest level of service, our arm of Local Distribution staffed itself up with an all-star team of eight, which includes many natives to the Eugene and Corvallis area, who have been drinking beer here for as long as they can remember. Which comes in handy when they need to anticipate what local craft fans will want in their fridges and pint glasses on a daily basis.

Ninkasi Local Distribution

These guys love craft beer. And they love Eugene and Corvallis. And from what we’ve witnessed, there’s nothing that can stop them from making sure these two cities have all of the Ninkasi they need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ninkasi Local Distribution

Jamie will tell you that ”what I’m most proud of with Local D is the commitment and hard work that they put in each and every day. They get up early and they all have an incredible amount of pride.”

Which is true. Before the sun rises, after the sun sets, twice a day, on the weekends, through snow, sleet and rain, whatever it takes, is what Local D does to get cold beer into the hands of our friends in Eugene and Corvallis.

Ninkasi Local Distribution

Which they find especially rewarding when they do something like go over to a friend’s house to watch a big football game and realize that their hands brought the beer that everyone is drinking straight from the brewery to the cooler. 

Ninkasi Local Distribution

Beyond the beer, having this team allows Ninkasi to perpetuate better living in the community-which is our core purpose as a brewery. These guys are not just passionate about the beer, they’re passionate about making sure the brewery is able to have a positive impact on the local community. 

Ninkasi Local Distribution

In the middle of giving a rundown of what it means to be a part of our Local D family, Jeff said “it sounds cliche, but every day is fun.” 

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