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Team Total Domination Goes to Switzerland: Welcome, Barret!

Aug 08, 2014 Comments (0) Team Total Domination Goes to Switzerland: Welcome, Barret!

We think Total Domination is pretty awesome, especially when it can be enjoyed in the great outdoors.  But let’s be honest, it doesn’t really matter what we think. Total Domination is your Northwest IPA, which is why we’re looking to you, the true Total Domination fans, to take our flagship IPA to the edges of the earth and make it a part of your outdoor adventure. 

That’s why we’re creating Team Total Domination. We’re assembling a group of some of the craziest, adventure seeking Ninkasi fans looking to embark on one-of-a-kind outdoor adventures. For anyone selected to the team, we’ll give them some Total Domination (of course), support them on their journey, and document their experiences on our blog, Facebook page, and Twitter feed. The crazier the adventures, the better!

Meet the first member of Team Total Domination, Barret Fishner.

He’s an Oregon-born duathlete who’s preparing to compete at the 2014 Long Distance Duathlon World Championships in Zofingen, Switzerland this September.

Barret will be riding and running for Team USA, and we couldn’t be more stoked to send Total Domination overseas to inspire him throughout his 6.2 mile run, 93 mile bike ride, and another 18 mile run (yes, you read those distances correctly and we agree, Barret is insane). We sat down with Barret to learn more about his adventure abroad:

Ninkasi:  Let’s start from the beginning. Where did you grow up?
The booming metropolis of Blodgett, Oregon. And I now, live in Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

Ninkasi: How many trips have you done around the sun?
Barret: 31 years.

Ninkasi:  What’s your favorite beer (besides Total Domination, of course)?
Barret: Total Domination, of course. But other than that, if it’s a stout, I’m all about it.

Ninkasi: Can you give a brief summary of what your adventure will look like?
Barret: I’ll be competing in the 2014 Long Distance Duathlon World Championships in Zofigen, Switzerland for Team USA on September 7th. The race is in three legs: a 10k run, 150k bike and 30k run.

Ninkasi: That’s insane. So how did you get into duathlons to begin with?
Barret: Pretty randomly. I was prepping heavily to do cyclocross in the fall. I saw that a pro cyclocross competitor on Strava was running a lot for his training. I decided to follow his lead and enter a race that involved some running, because racing in the off season helps you maintain higher fitness and stay ready to race. So, I Googled around for local duathlons and found one in Cary, which happened to be the USA Long Course Duathlon National Championships.

Ninkasi: So it’s already August, your race is about a month away, what does a typical training week look like?
Barret: It’s a balance between applying stress and not doing too much. Today was more of a stress day with 35 minutes of running, 3 hours of riding, and another 1.5 hour run. I’ll stay mellow for the next few days to recover before doing it all over again at the end of the week.

Ninkasi: What are you most excited for in Switzerland?
Barret: Honestly, it’s all going to be about the race. Everyone keeps asking me what I’m going to do in my free time while I’m there, but I’m mostly going to be resting in the hotel, checking out the course and eating a lot of calories! Pretty boring stuff, but necessary.

Ninkasi: What part of your adventure has you losing sleep?
Barret: Showing up for the last leg of the run wiped out. That leg is going to be the difference between a great finish and a “I wish I wasn’t here” moment.

Ninkasi: Can you give us an example of your history with racing?
Barret: I started mountain biking in high school – competing in my first mountain bike race in 1999, placing second in the first race and going on to eventually win the state series. Since then, I’ve been fully immersed in the sport, from building trails around my hometown – one of which is now home to the annual Mudslinger XC mountain bike race in Blodgett – to coaching, to being the captain for Oregon State University’s cycling club. In 2002 I competed in the Race Across America (RAAM), cycling around the clock with my team-member from Portland, Oregon to Pensacola, Florida. I’ve competed at elite levels of mountain biking and cyclocross, competing on the national championship stage several times including the 2013 Cyclocross World Championships.    

Ninkasi: Damn. Sounds like you’ve been in training for a world competition for some time now. We can only assume you have to support these travels, what’s your day job?
Barret: I’m an intensive in-home coordinator for Alexandar Youth Network. We provide behavioral healthcare to children dealing with serious emotional and behavioral problems.

Ninkasi: What do you do for fun (besides running and riding like a maniac)?
Barret: Anything and everything outside! Disc golf, camping, fishing, playing with the dog, and drinking beer, of course.

Ninkasi: Seems like you have a pretty action-packed life. How do you find time to train?
Barret: It’s hard! Luckily, I have some flexibility with my job in the mornings. On days when I can’t fit in a bike or run, I’ll try and squeeze in a trip to the gym between appointments so I can work on weaknesses there. It’s all about fitting in what you can.

Check back here for more updates as we follow Barret on his adventure! 

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