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Beer is Love Spotlight: Sustainable Brands Conference

Aug 13, 2014 Comments (1)  | Tags: Beer is Love Beer is Love Spotlight: Sustainable Brands Conference

In the beginning of June, our Beer is Love Goddess Emilie flew down to San Diego to work at the 2014 Sustainable Brands Conference and stay with fellow Ninkasi goddess Alyssa, who helps us get delicious beer to all of our friends in Southern California. Emilie guest authored a post for the blog to fill us all in on her awesome trip to SoCal!

The Sustainable Brands Conference is a four day event that centers around sustainable business practices and building better brands for the future. Over 2,000 global leaders in sustainability come to this event to learn from each other and collaborate in seminars, break out sessions, dinners and networking activities.

Where did we fit into all of this? We were the sole beer sponsor at this event, not to mention a business that happens to prioritize sustainable practices (more on that in a second!). Everywhere you turned, Ninkasi! We were in all of the suites, cocktail events, at the V.I.P. cruise event, and the barbecue celebration. Alyssa and I attended the "Cocktails and Collaboration" portion of the event every evening.


There were four bars at the "Activation Hub," three inside and one outside. Alyssa and I made sure to Ninkasify the area. At first, we were slightly worried about bringing the Eugene feel to this business environment but we soon saw that people were digging it. Plus, we brought cornhole and who doesn't love that?

Alyssa and I spoke to people from all over the world including Australia, Italy, New Zealand and the UK. There were people from all over the U.S. as well. It was the perfect environment to talk to people about Ninkasi's sustainable practices, including our water conservation efforts, use of local resources and ingredients, and upcycling of spent grain. As we continue to brew more beer for more people, we are contiuously looking for every opportunity to adopt sustainable practices. All three of our buildings are actually registered to be Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified by the end of 2014 under the new Campus Approach. People were incredibly impressed and some people were in disbelief that a brewery can be so environmentally friendly!

When it came to the beer, we had a lot of fun giving people Sleigh'r, Believer and Total Domination. At first, people were unsure about drinking something "hoppy" or something "darker" but we easily persuaded them. Next thing you know, people were coming back for seconds and thirds!

Inside the Activation Hub were sustainable businesses that set up booths to showcase their products. When Alyssa and I perused the area, we spotted Looptworks, the company that produces our beer koozies! It was really cool to see a company that reminded us of home.

On the final night of the conference, everyone celebrated their hard work at the beach barbecue party. By day four, everyone knew who Ninkasi was, what we are about and of course, how great the beer is. By the end, Alyssa and I were happy to grab a beer, listen to great music and toast to a great partnership. Thanks to everyone who came out and made this conference a success!


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