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Team Total Domination: Training Adventures with Barret!

Aug 15, 2014 Comments (0) Team Total Domination: Training Adventures with Barret!

When we checked in with Barret this week, our Team Total Domination all-star was in a great mood. (ICYMI: Barret is an Oregon-born duathlete who’s preparing to compete at the 2014 Long Distance Duathlon World Championships in Zofingen, Switzerland this September as a part of Team Total Domination!) 

Barret's great mood was probably not unrelated to the fact that he had just set a PR (that stands for "Personal Record", for those of you not fluent in endurance sports) for his 30k run. And he did it on a hilly, sandy trail while wearing a hydration pack with 5 extra pounds thrown in. Because obviously running a fast 30k isn’t hard enough…(we told you this guy is crazy!)

It’s hard to catch Barret when he’s not on-the-go, but we managed to snag him for a few minutes to give us an update on his training and race prep. Enjoy!

NInkasi: So…30k on tough terrain WHILE wearing extra weight. That’s AWESOME. But...why the insanity?

Barret: My training philosophy is to make training harder than the event. That way the event seems easy, well…at least easier. I was doing tempo efforts during the 30k training run in 5km intervals at about 21-22 mins per 5k. That was after doing flat 6 minute pace for the 2 miles up to the park. So it was a pretty good day, which made me finally feel like I’m ready for this thing.

My training has consisted of a lot of bricks that are a little different from typical bricks (“brick”=stacking consecutive  workouts). Example: I’ll go for a run then a bike then a run all in a row (without breaks) instead of the usual run/bike or bike/run. These are typically 4-5 hours long. The idea is to adapt to the transitions between each sport because practice makes perfect. I've been doing this a lot and it's been getting easier and easier to transition, which means its working, right?

Ninkasi: Tell us more about these bricks, what do you have left before the race?

Barret: My hardest workout! It will be the last major Barret Style Brick before the race. It’ll include more sand (that's our soil here, nice thick, powder beach sand 90 miles inland. It's kind of weird but it is a great substitute for long climbs and gradients). So I'll do a 40 minute run, 4 hour mountain bike, 2 hour run on Sunday (without breaks), using the mountain bike on All American Trail. Should be a good and groovy time because any time on a mountain bike is RAD!

Ninkasi: So that’s a lot. And we know you work full time. What was the hardest thing about fitting it all in this week?

Barret: Uhhhhh…laziness, actually. We have doing a great job at improving our sleep schedule, getting more of it and waking up earlier, but some days it takes a couple hours to get out the door. I haven’t made it to the gym this week for weight training and to work on weaknesses. But it’ll happen (I think). My main goal outside of hours in the shoes or pedals is to work out some kinks in my hammies and calves. I’ll have to start getting sport massages to help with that leading up to the race.


Ninkasi: With all that training, you must need a lot of food. What the heck do you eat to stay fueled?

Barret: A LOT. Which is kind of annoying.

Ninkasi: Okay, fill us in. What does breakfast, lunch and dinner look like?

Barret: Breakfast pre-workout: coffee with MCT oil and butter, 3 servings of granola with milk, a banana, and maybe 2 eggs as well.

Second breakfast (post-workout): Recovery drink. I like Muscle Milk Weight Gainer as it has a good 4:1 carb to protein ratio with some fat too. It really seems to help me recover well and gives me the calories I need. I mix it with 2 cups of milk and eat something with it.

Lunch: Subs. Of the “foot long” variety. (But they are really like 16-18 inches) with an oatmeal cookie, fruit and something to drink or a frap from Starbucks.

Dinner: is actually quite healthy. My wife does a great job of healthifying comfort foods. Half the plate is usually veggies, then some sort of carbs like sweet potatoes, pasta, or our new kick: a quinoa/amaranth/chia seed mix, followed by chicken, fish or beef (yes I eat red meat).

After dinner: I just snack till bed time on whatever I find, usually peanut butter and honey on toast with chocolate milk. 

The weekends I use as reward time! Which means pizza, hamburgers, some good country southern Carolina style bbq and BEER! Believe it or not I actually have a hard time consuming all the calories I need. Even with all that food, I have been leaning out, which is good, because less weight means less to push which means you go faster! As long as you’re keeping your power high.

Ninkasi: It must be important to do some things not related to training during the week. What was the highlight outside of running/biking/eating ALL of the food?

Barret: Hanging out with the wife for some good West African food and then playing pool and drinking beer followed by a day of hiking in the rain. That was a pretty sweet deal.

 Ninkasi: So let’s talk about the race. What are you most excited about?

 BarretIt’s actually getting here! Time feels like its standing still right now and each day seems to drag on and on and on. When you’ve got something as highly anticipated as a World Champs (or turning 21!), time seems to torture you. I’m also excited for the festivities, for eating some different food, and for riding the bike course.

Barret: Till next time, keep the rubber side down!!!


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