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Team Total Domination: Almost There!

Aug 29, 2014 Comments (0) Team Total Domination: Almost There!

We just caught up with our Team Total Domination all-star who’s gearing up to compete at the 2014 Long Distance Duathlon World Championships in Zofingen, Switzerland this September as a part of Team Total Domination! The race is getting REALLY close and our athlete is getting REALLY excited to hop across the pond for this competition. Grab a beer, pull up a chair, and find out what Barret has been up to this week! 

Ninkasi: Let's start with a training update. Fill us in!

Barret: This week has been pretty good. I feel like all of the peices of the puzzle are finally coming together. A little taper and some short high intensity efforts along with 8 hours sleep a night has done wonders. I have finally honed in my TT bike position (editor's note: that's "Time Trial" for those new to duathlon) and can sustain a high speed in it. I also did a big racing no-no and tried something new  by switching running shoes from the Nike Frees to the ZOOT Kiawe. But I think it's the right choice since they're giving me more speed at the same effort.

Ninkasi: Any highlights this week (wink wink)?

Barret: BEER! Yesterday was a long day at work and it was so awesome to come home to a nice fresh case of Total Domination. I instantly put one on ice and consumed it as soon as it was chilled. It was amazing! A great way to top off a hard day of work and training.

Ninkasi: Talk to us about the gear. We assume you probably have kind of a lot of it. Is it all lined up and ready for its adventures in Switzerland? 

Barret: My gear is the garage. I think. For the most part.

I have the race wheels in the bike box, but that's about it. The TT bike is still in the trainer so I can squeeze in some super short but high intensity workouts to do some last minute teaking and get some speed in the legs. But I wont really pack until the day before leaving, especially since we're spending this weekend in DC.

Ninkasi: So how many days do you actually have left until the race? How are you feeling? Excited? Terrified? Stoked to get your race on?

Barret: There are like, I don't know, a week and some days till the race? I would be lying if i said i wasn't nervous. For a minute, I deinitely had a "WTF am I doing? Can I really compete at the World Championship level in only my SECOND EVER dualthon with only three months of run training in me EVER?" moments. But those thougths are subsiding and the confidence is coming back strong. Fatigue can really mess with you sometimes. So the fresher I get over the next week, the better. But the excitement is building, anxiety is there as well and I just want to get there already!!!! I know I'll have butterflies at the line. If you don't, you shouldn't be there.  I also hear the spectators are very supportive, it will be televised live over there, eeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!! And there will even be cheerleaders! Ha!

 Ninkasi: What are you planning to eat during the actual race? Obviously Total Domination will not be in your water bottles.

Barret: Well due to the fact I am so far from home and have no way to put someone in the feed stations, I will be relying on the supplied feedzones the race provides and what they have in them. But that's okay. As long as it's calories I seem to run okay on it. The bike will have sports drinks, bars, bananas, water, etc. The run zones will have the same plus coke. And believe me, l will have several of those during that last 18 miles. In my long training days that are 6-8 hours, I'll stop at stores and get a coke, and it's the greatest treat ever. It revitalizes me mentally and brings back that pep so I can continue to kick it in top gear. As Yogi Berra said, sports is 90% mental.

Ninkasi: And after? That's gotta be one of the best parts of racing!

Barret: Oh jeez, afterwards what i want to eat? I havent even thought that far. Ill probably go into my typical garbage disposal mode and want to consume whatever I can find and large quantities of it. I do love a good bacon cheese burger after a hard race and a milk shake.

Ninkasi: Have you ever done an international race before or will this be the first?

Barret: I have never even left the great US of A. I had the opportunity to go race in Germany in my teens, but it didn't work out. I have raced against international talent in cyclocross as I compete in the elite level at the UCI events held here in the USA and also at Cx World Champs in Louisville. (By "compete", I mean start in the back and hold on for dear life hoping to not get lapped by the top guys in the country and world. Nothing like racing 80 guys for 30-40th place!)

That pretty well sums up what's happening this week. We will spend the holiday weekend in DC seeing the sights and such. It will be a good distraction and nice to just relax from it all. Then Tuesday, I fly out to Europe with a red-eye flight getting there Wednesday.

That's the news from Lake Wobegone. Keep the rubber side down. And have a nice crisp beer!

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