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Team Total Domination: It's Go Time!

Sep 06, 2014 Comments (0) Team Total Domination: Its Go Time!

It's just about game time for our Team Total Domination all-star who’s competing at the 2014 Long Distance Duathlon World Championships in Zofingen, Switzerland this weekend as a part of Team Total Domination! The race is on Sunday and Barret spent this week in Switzerland getting ready to Totally Dominate the event! Check out our final checki-n with our adeventurer before he toes the line this weekend!

Ninkasi: So you're there! How was the trip?

Barret: The travel over was long but not terrible. It started to slowly hit me that this is actually happening! After a long layover in Toronto with poor wifi, and a cramped, sleepless 8-hour redeye flight, I arrived in Zurich, where I instantly went to Starbucks to grab a coffee. What else do you do when you've been awake for 24 hours? My goal was to stay up until the evening here since I figured that would get me on their time. After lugging around my bike box, luggage and backpack, I got on the train for another hour and finally made it to Zofingen.

Ninkasi: Awesome! And how's the stay in Switzerland so far?

Barret: It's great and very relaxing. Zofingen is a a small, quiet town with narrow cobblestone streets. Most people in town walk or ride bikes so the traffic is very minimal. All the shops are small and local and you don't really see anything that feels corporate or big business. It's just a much more relaxed lifestyle. The people are extremely nice and provide excellent hospitatlity, which has made me feel welcome and relaxed.

Ninkasi: Have you checked out the courses yet?

Barret: Of course! After getting to my hotel, I suited up, and attempted to find the run courses, still sleep deprived and hungry. I ran out from the hotel and immediately found legs that I've never felt before. It was so effortless and so fast and nimble! I spent a good amount of time lost, because road markings are not as prevelant here. I finally found a local who pointed me in the right direction after a nice chat. I probably ran more than I should have, almost two hours, but it was so effortless and I wasn't tired. After I was done, I roamed around town to explore and refuel with dinner and swiss chocolate. I also finally found a Team USA mate, and we chatted for a bit and decided to go preview the bike course the following day.

We rode the 30-mile lap together (we will do three laps on race day). Prior to checking it out, we had heard about these big climbs and thought it would be a slower course. But the course starts out very fast and flat on smooth pavement. The first climb was nice and gradual, with a good pitch at the end. Then there was a fast descent and more fast flat until the main BIG climb that we heard so much about. We went up it, with ease, chatting the entire time and it seemed over before we even started, we didn't even touch our lowest gears! At the top, the view was amazing. We definitely took some picture breaks to fully soak up the experience. 

Ninkasi: Sounds amazing! How are you feeling about the race?

Barret: Overall I am feeling very good and very confident after previewing the courses. I think the courses will fit me well and I hope I'm going to get a strong result on Sunday.

Ninkasi: What's the food like?

Barret: The breakfast is very different than we're used to back home: meat and cheese platters, fruit, and soft baked goods. On Thursday, we topped off our good ride by roaming  around town and hitting up a local pizzeria for a pie and some beer. We followed that with a gilato café. It's all good!

Ninkasi: Have you met any other racers?

Barret: Some of the other Team USA member showed up today. And everyone else will be in by tomorrow in time for the expo opening and racer pasta dinner. We have also been chatting with other competitors from countries around the World and it's cool and interesting to hear their stories and find out about their successes.

Ninkasi: So it's the final countdown! What are your plans?

Barret: It's going to be very chillax. There will be no more running or biking. Only eating and resting with legs up and napping. And some sightseeing but not too much. All to get the TSB score up to where I want it. TSB = Training Stress Balance, it helps tell you how fresh you are. The more positive the more fresh, the more negative the more fried you are.

So that's all the news here. Stay tuned for the race report after the race.

So till next time. Hang 10!

If you want to follow Barret's progress on Sunday, check out the livestream online or track his progress. He starts at 3am EST/12am PST in the States. 

GOOD LUCK, BARRET! We know you're going to Totally Dominate the race! We'll be ready on the other side of the finish line with a beer to cheers you!


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