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Meet: Venn!

Sep 17, 2014 Comments (0)

When we set out to brew a series of lagers, we were inspired by two things: European tradition and the fresh ingredients that surround us in the Pacific Northwest. 

Our newest Prismatic Series lager is the perfect marriage of American craft and European tradition. This Dortmund-style lager was brewed using the sophisticated symmetry rooted in 19th century Germany with the fresh regional bounty that we can access from Oregon, including some of the purest water in the Continental United States and Northwest-grown hops.

The perfect harmony of ingredients gives Venn a Noble hop bitterness with a rounded, sweet malt flavor. Balance and smoothness are the hallmarks of this style and the hops and malt come together in perfect harmony. It's golden, clean, and one of the crispest beers we brew. Making it an ideal lager for the crisper months ahead.   

What we're really trying to say is: this beer is the definition of balance and is so deliciously easy to drink that you should not hestiate for another second before tracking it down and trying it for yourself. 

If you want to honor its German roots at your dinner table, we recommend pairing it with some sausages, schnitzels and spaetzles! For more information on this delicious new lager, check out our beer page. 



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