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Beer Up with Extra Life

Nov 03, 2014 Comments (0) Beer Up with Extra Life

At Ninkasi, we're not just beer geeks, we're geeky geeks too.

So when one particularly geeky member of Team Ninkasi suggested we partner with Extra Life to raise money for local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals through a 24-hour gaming marathon, it was an easy sell. Play games, drink beer, and support our pals at Children's Miracle Network in the process? We're there!


On October 25th, we turned our office building into a gaming paradise and geared up for 24-hours of gaming from 6 a.m. to 6 a.m. With live updates on Twitter and SnapChat and a live stream on, we asked our followers to help donate and keep us inspired (and hopefully not go cross-eyed). 

We had everything from Yahtzee to pinball to Destiny to keep our fearless team of gamers going for 24-hours of straight playtime. 


We are so proud of Team Perpetuate Better Gaming for their efforts and so grateful for everyone who supported this group. 

Together, we raised over $3,000 for our local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals! Which gets us really close to our team's goal of $5,000. 

We'd love your support reaching our final goal and you can help us do so until December 31, 2014! Your donation will help The Children's Miracle Network hosptials. This year alone, Extra Life has raised more than 5.5 million dollars to save kids and that number is still climbing! We can't do this without your help and donating online is safe and easy! 

Team Ninkasi Extra Life Stats:

  • Hours gamed: Approximately 160 hours (combined)
  • Number of bagels consumed: 12
  • Number of pizzas consumed: 6
  • Number of puzzle pieces assembled: 550
  • Number of Stumptown cold brews consumed: Undetermined
  • Number of slaughtered video game villains: 1 Billion
  • Number of gamers: 24
  • Number of people who gamed the full 24 hours: 4
  • Money raised for Children’s Miracle Network: More than $3,000

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