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Our Eighth Straight Best Year Ever

Jan 06, 2015 Comments (0) Our Eighth Straight Best Year Ever

2014 marked Ninkasi's eighth year as a brewery.  And while we know this might be the eighth time we've said this, we're ready to declare it our best one yet. 

Here are 14 of the many reasons why '14 was such a ridiculously awesome 365 days for us:

1) We released a lot of new brews for all of you. 

Including our first fulltime lager series, new seasonal releases, and some of our most delicious rare and delicious brews. 

2) And packaged some old favorites in convenient new sizes

3) We had the help of our NEW BREWERY to produce all of that deliciousness.

This facility tripled our capacity and will allow us to continue delivering more beer and new and exciting styles to all of you. 

4) Our beer wasn't the only one around here to get some new digs, Team Ninkasi also moved into a new home. 

Complete with a three story rock climbing wall, recording studio, classrooms, bars, and a rooftop patio. All in a facility on track to obtain its LEED certification for being a sustainable building. 

5) Which was necessary because Team Ninkasi added 28 new rockstars to help produce beer and get it to you!

6) We went camping

Beer camping! With our friends at Sierra Nevada and tons of other incredible breweries across America. We collaborated with Sierra Nevada on Double Latte for the Beer Camp 12-pack, a coffee milk stout brewed with coffee from Oregon's own Stumptown Coffee Roasters.   

7) We also collaborated with friends at breweries from Washington to Boston. 

8) And we partnered with nonprofits to brew beer to support their causes. 

Including one to help Friends of Trees improve the natural world in and around the Pacific Northwest and one to help the McKenzie River Trust keep our river pristine.  

9) We launched a rocket full of yeast into space!

Twice. As is often the case is science, Ninkasi Space Program's first mission was a learning experience. But we were able to successfully apply the lessons from that first mission to our second one and the yeast returned viable! Which means 2015 is going to be the year of SPACE BEER. Get excited. 

10) Ninkasi started flowing in three new states and one new province. 

You can now find us perpetuating better living in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Alberta!

11) Our employee volunteer thrived (fueled by Ninkasi, of course).

We started building our first Habitat for Humanity home from the ground up. 

And had over 25 employees help organizations in the community on projects ranging from creating literacy kits to planting native species for the McKenzie River Trust. 

And Team Ninkasi spent 24 hours gaming to raise money for local Children's Network Miracle Hospitals.

12) Our Beer is Love program partnered with 550 organizations. 

And donated over 500 barrels of beer to help these partners serve their communities and have a lot of fun while doing it!

13) We hosted 90 Pints for a Cause events at our Tasting Room and raised over $22,000 for local nonprofits. 

And we partnered with Lance's Room to host close to 20 different events across four states to support the autism community. 

Over 1500 pints of beer were sold to raise money and awareness for Beer Autism Hope. 

14) We planned an even better year for 2015. 

If you think we totally dominated this one, just wait. 2015 is going to be even better! We've got a new flagship series, new collaborations, new rare and delicious brews and new partnerships ready to rock your world and your tastebuds.

We couldn't keep having the best year ever without all of you. Thanks for supporting us, cheersing with us, and perpetuating better living with Ninkasi in hand. Cheers to a great year and an even better one to come!

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