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Craft Beer and PBL in 2015

Jan 15, 2015 Comments (0) Craft Beer and PBL in 2015

At Ninkasi, we focus on two things:

1) The beer. (Obviously, right?)

2) Perpetuating Better Living. It's our core purpose as a brewery. Helping people acheive the highest quality of life is as important to us as the brewing side of things. Usually we can combine the two into one delightfully tasty package. 

So, we asked a few members of Team Ninkasi to give us a few goals for 2015. One related to beer and one to Perpetuate Better Living. 

Here's what they came up with:


 Beer: "My beer goal is to make a top 10 list of favorite craft beers, so I can talk about something other than Believer! (Editor's note: Erika is President of the Believer Fan Club.)

PBL: "My PBL goal is to spend at least one day a month with my eight year old niece developing her sports skills.  She once said to me 'Aunt Rika, I love you cuz you’re a tomboy, just like me'!" 


Beer: "I’m going to identify more activities that I love, and find creative ways to pair them with new craft beers. For example, when I’m done with a long run, I’ll reward myself with a Northwest IPA. When I’m reading a novel, the stouts will flow like wine. And, when I’m fishing (aka standing in the river not catching fish), you’d better believe I’ll have a crisp, refreshing lager in my hand. I can’t wait to find my next wave of beer/life pairings!

PBL: "I’m going to Perpetuate Better Living by hiking more with my son. He’s about to turn 2, and at this point he’s more “wild animal” than “human being.” The kid needs a healthy way to burn some steam! But more importantly, we’re lucky enough to live in the greatest outdoor paradise on planet earth. It’s time to expose this kid to everything that’s incredible about the Pacific Northwest."


Beer: "Survive Mardi Gras NOLA with minimal liver damage (and social media repercussions.)" 

PBL: "Master the Ninkasi Continuous Improvement practices and apply them to my pantry and my linen closet at home (this means get my shit organized). And maintain sanity at acceptable levels when parenting my three teenagers."



Beer: "Don’t always default to IPAs or Double/Imperial IPAs. I feel like if I’m out and about and ordering beer at a restaurant, I almost always go this route. So basically, try other styles more often."

PBL: "Encourage my family (and myself) to spend more time enjoying the outdoors, regardless of weather!"


Beer: "I want to explore more of the great craft beer that Oregon has to offer so I'm going to visit at least ten new-to-me breweries, including some of the gems in the more remote parts of the state." 

PBL: "Conveniently, I also want to explore more of the great outdoors that Oregon has to offer so I'm going to run/hike/crawl on 10 (+++) new trails and mountains as I visit these breweries, especially the gems in the more remote (and spectacularly beautiful) parts of the state. And also, I'm going to learn how to do a handstand without breaking any of my bones."


Beer:  "I would also like to use more beer in cooking and adapted my cooking style to cook dishes with more of an Asian influence. I guess my other goal would be to make at least 4 batches of Homebrew this year and get my kegerator functioning again." 

PBL: "To learn SQL (Structured Query Language) and run the Eugene ½ in under 1 hour and 50 min. This would be a personal best."


Beer: "In 2015, I will cook with a new style of beer every month."

PBL: "I will attend at least one Ninkasi Run club session (this means that I will have picked up running)."


Beer: "Local D has their thirsty hearts set on making our own beers to enjoy.  A goal of brewing a new style every other month, gathering together in the new brewery space for a Saturday afternoon of team building, knowledge gaining, beer enjoying... PBL'ing!"

PBL: "The lines of work and play blur easily as I can't help but rock a couple logos (and a couple bombers) to all adventures.  May 2015 bring with it a hefty ramping up of all solid PBL-esque activities: backpacking, running the mountain, fishing, and geeking out on sunrise/sunset photos!  Would be stoked to run a double Pisgah summit and celebrate with a victory bomber of Total Domination in 2015!  (Maybe next year three summits and celebrate with a Trice?)"


PBL: "I am going full tilt until I fall over dead. Mornings and evenings with my awesome daughter and baby momma. Rocking all day (and night) in Ninkasi Studios. Perpetuating Better Living surfing, fishing and grilling up my catch with a Total Domination on the Oregon Coast every weekend!"

Beer: "I'm going to bring it along for all of the 2015 adventures!"

Cheers to an exciting new year, sure to be full of great craft beer and great PBLing!



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