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Killer Beauty Tips for Zombies

Feb 13, 2015 Comments (0) Killer Beauty Tips for Zombies

Heading to our Zombie Pub Crawls to help us welcome Dawn of the Red back from the Dead? You're probably going to want to arrive dressed to kill. 

To help you get all drop dead gorgeous with rotting skin, sunken eyes, and that brainless stare, we recruited a couple of experts to offer some killer beauty tips to all of our aspiring zombies. 

Ali, a killer make-up guru from LA, armed with only eye shadow and lip gloss, transformed Megan from Team Ninkasi All-Star to Living Dead. 


Ali recommends grabbing some eye shadow in dark hues like greens, blues and greys to get that seductive decaying look. Go heavy around the eyes to help them really sink in. 


And if you want to look really bloody good, grab a dark red and brown red gloss to create an oozing gash that any zombie will envy. 



Amber Arpin, from Portland, who was the brains behind the brainless stars in our #ZomBeer instagram videos, also gave us some killer tips to make you a killer zombie. 

Want that deadly glowing skin tone? Grab a foundation or cream that's 2-3 shades too light for you and go to town. Give your cheeks, collarbone, jaw and eye sockets that sunken-in-sensation by using another foundation or cream that's 2-3 shades too dark.

The combination of too light + too dark = zombie countour perfection. It's just like the glamour contour look, only the exact opposite. 

 Next, it's time to get bloody gruesome with a pop of color. Amber recommends being strategic with your fake blood. "A little goes a long way," she advises. And she recommends avoiding anywhere that you'll be bending or using a lot. (Translation: your pint glass hand would be a terrible choice.)

If you can't get your hands on fake blood, any red cream or dark lipstick will make a lovely substitue. You can also find a slew of videos on YouTube to DIY blood with common household ingredients like chocolate syrup (and if you want to get really creepy, hit up a vitamin store for edible, empty capsules to store your blood-on-the-go.)

Amber's biggest advice? Stay in character! 

Think: how would a zombie order a beer? What kind of noise might a zombie make after the first taste of a dangerously delicious brew?

You'll have way more fun and make way more zombie friends. 

Don't forget to hit us up with your best shots from the fun. Find us on twitter and instagram at @ninkasibrewing and use #dawnofthered!

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