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The Ninkasi Walking Dead

Feb 19, 2015 Comments (0) The Ninkasi Walking Dead

ICYMI: Dawn of the Red is back from the dead!  

To celebrate the rerelease of our killer India Red Ale, hundreds of zombies flocked to the bars on Friday the 13th and Valentine's Day, to get their rotting hands on the first taste of this dangerously delicious brew. 

We could tell you all about how awesome it was to crawl with so many of our drop dead gorgeous friends, both new and old (and living and dead...) And we could go on and on and on about how stoked we are to be filling our pint glasses with this beer after dying to get our hands on it all of last year (SO STOKED). But because a picture is worth a thousand words, we'll just show you the night of the Ninkasi Walking Dead:


Thanks to @hopheadfred for a killer shot!


Chees to @tompresler for terrifyingly awesome images.


Great tweet from @vanesspollitt included. 


Cheers to @abner321 and @njmazza for two of our awesome pictures!


Fun and pictures brought to you by @stouri @qb_onehundred @supermanjace



 Thanks @iryanpdx for the gross and awesome picture!

San Diego

Killer shots by @socalsessions @ebieber921 @difberg @sdredsoxgirl

Santa Barbara

Thanks to @geckogirl23 for the instazombie action

Las Vegas


Thanks for joining @spookedinseattle!


Cheers to @hbender16 for documenting the action!



SO MANY cheers and thank yous to all of our friends who joined the crawls! We had a blast and can't wait to live it up with all of you living dead over many, many more pints! 

If you missed out on the fun, fear not! This killer beer is here to stay. Get your hands on the newest member of our flagship series and see what all the fuss is about! 




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