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A Day at Berggren Demonstration Farm

May 05, 2015 Comments (0) A Day at Berggren Demonstration Farm

Do you know which ingredient consumes the largest amount of volume in a batch of beer?


Hands down. Good old H2O makes up about 88-96% of the ingredient base per batch of beer. 

Which means a brewery's source of water is VERY important. Lucky for us (and for everyone who enjoys Ninkasi), Eugene is phenonenally close to an absolutely phenomenal source of water: the McKenzie River.

This gem is one of the purest sources of water in the world and is perfect for brewing, thanks to flowing through a natural volcanic filtration process on its way down from the Cascade Mountains to the Wilamette Valley.

Obviously we want to make sure we can continue brewing with this water forever and ever and ever. And also playing on and along it and admiring it from the shore. We're big fans of all of the above around the brewery.


So we partner with a couple of community organizations that are working hard to protect the Mckenzie River and the ecosystems around it: the McKenzie River Trust and the Berggren Demonstration Farm.

The McKenzie River Trust's mission is to protect and care for the lands and rivers of Western Washington. And our friends at Berggren Demonstration Farm are actually located right ON the beautiful McKenzie River on 30 acres owned by the Trust. They are all about ecologically friendly farming and work hard to raise happy, healthy animals and delicious vegetables, educate the next generation of farmers, and partner with the community to support a strong local food system.

We love helping both these groups raise funds and awareness for their causes (especially when we get to do it by brewing beer!). But we also love lending a hand by actually getting our hands dirty on their land. 

So every spring, we partner with our friends at Gervais Salon to take a field trip out to the Berggren Watershed Conservation Area to volunteer for a day of work. 

Since every little bit helps, Team Ninkasi brings our families along for the fun, no matter how small their hands may be. 

This year, we focused on helping the next generation of plants grow along the river by planting seeds, mulching, and getting rid of invasive weeds.

And in true Ninkasi form, we made sure to have plenty of fun while we were out there. We brought beer to share some cheers after all of the work was done and we're already counting down until next year's trip.

If you want to help us help both of these great community organizations, keep your eyes peeled for opporuntities! We'll make sure to share them with you, whether it's spreading the word about the important work they're doing, or by coming to a Pints for a Cause at Ninkasi's Tasting Room, like the one we're hosting tonight to donate 25% of our pint sales to support the McKenzie River Trust.  

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