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Dominate Your Summer with Team Ninkasi: Surfing the Oregon Coast

Jun 22, 2015 Comments (1) Dominate Your Summer with Team Ninkasi: Surfing the Oregon Coast

It's officially time to Dominate Your Summer! Until August 15th, we're giving away all kinds of rad adventure gear to pair with your rad adventures if you share photos with us on Twitter and Instagram

But Team Ninkasi is not going to let you guys have all of the fun. We're playing along by spending as much time as humanly possible outside, armed with adventure gear and delicious craft beer. 

 This weekend, the team kicked things off with a bang. We were hiking, grilling, swimming, running, SUPing, kayaking, biking and tubing down rivers all over the West Coast. If the rest of the summer is anything like our first weekend, we're in for a rather unbelievable few months of Perpetuating Better Living. 

James, the dude who makes sure the Ninkasi experience is always full of good people, good times and good music, filled us in on how we dominated the heck out of the first weekend of summer. 

How’d you dominate your summer this weekend?



Scene of Domination:

The beautiful Oregon coast. The water looked like Thailand it was so clear. And the weather was ,mind-blowingly good. 


Adventure gear of choice:

Surfboard and lots of rubber.

Adventure companions of choice:

The whole fam, including a dog. (Side note: you'd better believe this is our next Christmas card.)


Three words to describe the adventure:

Perpetuate Better Living!

True or false: beer tastes better after surfing.

Definitely true.


Did you pair your beer with food or enjoy it in its pure, sudsy form?

Little bit of shrimp and crab. 

If your summer had a spirit animal, what would that be?

I’d totally ride the dolphin. (Editor's note: that's a direct quote.)

What music would be the soundtrack of your adventure?

Saturdays by Acoustic Minds. 

What’s the next adventure that will help you Dominate Your Summer?

Camping on the Mckenzie. 

Now it's your turn, friends! Grab a Total Domination, stuff your car full of toys to help you play outside, and tell us all about it before August 15th for your chance to win Orion coolers, Ninkasi Silipints and lots of other rad gear!

Comments (1)

  1. James Book:
    Jun 30, 2015 at 01:09 PM

    Special thanks to Dan "Hassy" Hasselschwert and Ollie Richardson from the Ossie's Surf / Ninkasi Big Wave Surf Team! Get limited-run Big Wave Team hoodies while they last or rent boards, rubber, surf kayaks and adventure gear at Ossie's Surf Newport, Oregon! (, see you in the water!

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