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Beer is Love Spotlight: San Diego Coast Keeper

Jun 26, 2015 Comments (0)  | Tags: Beer is Love Beer is Love Spotlight: San Diego Coast Keeper

We LOVE water. We love drinking it. And brewing with it. And kayaking down it. And fishing in it. And drinking a beer beside it after a long day of kayaking and fishing. We really just can't get enough of it.

Which is why we also LOVE partnering with organizations through our Beer is Love program that are committed to protecting it. San Diego Coastkeeper is one of these incredible organizations. Their mission is to keep the water in San Diego County fishable, swimmable and drinkable. All things we are totally on board with.  

Recently, San Diego Coastkeeper threw their 4th annual Ocean Commotion Concert to support this goal. Obviously, we had to attend. Great music, great beer and great people all getting together to support a great cause? No-brainer. Not shockingly, two hundred and fifty other people were all on the same page as us and thought it would be a blast to come out for a day full of sunshine, activities, live music, craft beer and a celebration for clean water. 


Six bands donated their time and talent to this year's concert and several local companies donated amazing prizes including surfboards and gear, local getaway packages and water sport activities. As for the beer on hand, we had the honor of partnering with San Diego's Coronado Brewing to donate the brews for the festival. Which was the greatest. We love collaborating with our friends at other breweries, especially when it involves supporting such an incredible cause. 

To get the lowdown on just how much fun the event was and just how great San Diego CoastKeeper is, we chatted with our local San Diego Beer Goddess Alyssa, who was lucky enough to attend the festivties. 

What do you like about the San Diego Coastkeeper?

I love that the SDCK is an environmental nonprofit. They are locally focused so every dollar they raise goes directly back to the San Diego community. In addition to being a community organization, the people who work for SDCK are awesome.


Tell me a little bit about the Ocean Commotion Concert.

The event was at Campland, which is a local gem of a campground. It was cool to have people pop by and hang out for the day. The music was amazing -- there was metal, folk, reggae and more. Overall, the event was extremely community-oriented.

What was your favorite part of the event?

The venue was by far the best part. It brought a lot of diversity to the attendees and it was right on the bay.

Cheers to San Diego Coastkeeper and their work to support clean water!

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