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Dominate Your Summer with Team Ninkasi: Running Rainier

Jul 07, 2015 Comments (1) Dominate Your Summer with Team Ninkasi: Running Rainier

ICYMI, we're in full-on Dominate Your Summer mode around here. Until August 15th, we're giving away all kinds of rad adventure gear to pair with your rad adventures if you share photos with us on Twitter and Instagram.  

(Full contest rules: here.)

And Team Ninkasi is playing along! Everyone at the brewery is spending every weekend of the summer Perpetuating Better Living with lots of adventure and craft beer. We like to mix it up with our adventuring at the brewery: some people dig going for a hike, some like to hit up the river for a little fishing, and some prefer to go for a rendezvous in their canoe. But everyone has at least a thing or two that's helping them dominate their summer and we all like to bring craft beer along for the ride. 

Emily, the one who thinks hashtags >> spreadsheets and believes it didn't happen if it's not on instagram, filled us in on how she prefers to Dominate her Summer by filling us in on one of her recent adventures with good friends and good beer. 

How’d you dominate your summer this weekend?

Running the Wonderland Trail around Mount Rainier. It was 93 miles of straight awesome, fueled by craft beer.

Scene of Domination:

Mount Rainier National Park, which comes equipped with a seemingly endless supply of wildflowers, raging rivers, and a ton of ice, ice baby. 

Adventure gear of choice:

My running shoes, plenty of snacks, and enough coolers full of beer to outnumber people on the trip. 

Adventure companions of choice:

The raddest group of beer-loving, dirt-obsessed running friends. 

I knew I was going with the right group of people when the only thing they questioned about running 100 miles around a really big mountain was if we'd have enough beer along the way. 

Three words to describe the adventure:

 Sweaty, mind-blowing, ass-kicking. 

True or false: beer tastes better after running.

There are a million words in the English language, and not one of them describes just how true that is.

Did you pair your beer with food or enjoy it in its pure, sudsy form?

We paired it with ALL of the food. Chips galore, burritos bursting open with guacamole and cheese, pulled pork sandwiches, hot dogs, and plenty of s'mores around the campfire (with Oatis, of course.) It turns out you need to eat (and drink) some things when you plan to run 30+ miles/day for three straight days. Luckily, we all like eating (and drinking). 


If your summer had a spirit animal, what would that be?

My summer spirit animal crush is a mountain goat, but I fall on my face entirely too often for that to be the reality. Based on what I observed on Rainier, it might be a marmot : they like to hang out in the mountains, run around for fun and then eat a lot of food. Add in a cold beer and that's my summer in mammal form.

What music would be the soundtrack of your adventure?

It's a three-way tie between "Sweat" by the Artist Sometimes Known as Snoop Dogg, "We Started from the Bottom, Now We're Here" (but just that lyric), and a cover of the Sound of Music's "Climb Every Mountain" performed by Taylor Swift, Celine Dion and Eminem. 

What’s the next adventure that will help you Dominate Your Summer?

Getting ready to race 100 miles through the Cascades with as many mountainous trails as I can get my feet on before the end of August (and a lot of trailside beers). 

Now it's your turn, friends! Grab a Total Domination, stuff your car full of toys to help you play outside, and tell us all about it before August 15th for your chance to win Orion coolers, Ninkasi Silipints and lots of other rad gear!

Comments (1)

  1. Kenny Weigandt:
    Jul 23, 2015 at 12:42 PM

    While your adventure looks glorious, your greatest achievement of this trip was the Oatis/Smore pairing. Clutch move.

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