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Dominate Your Summer with Team Ninkasi: The Land of Cheese

Jul 20, 2015 Comments (0) Dominate Your Summer with Team Ninkasi: The Land of Cheese

Did you just spend your weekend dominating summer?

If you tell us all about it on Twitter and Instagram, you can win rad adventure gear to pair with your rad adventures! 

(Full contest rules: here.)

 But before you hop on over to your photo gallery, Team Ninkasi wants to share some of our summer domination with all of you! This week, Kenny, the one who likes to make sure you have plenty of fun to pair with your craft beer, filled us in on how he totally dominated the Land of Cheese. 

How’d you dominate your summer this weekend?

We journeyed to the Land of Cheese, stared the Oregon Coast right in her face and delivered a freaking roundhouse spin kick! It was a Wiffel balling, beach footballing, camp firing, cow milking, rustic golfing, river floating, dock jumping, cheese curd slamming adventure for the ages. And you’d better believe we brought heat!

Scene of Domination:

Tillamook, Oregon (as previously stated, the Land of Cheese). We posted up on the Trask River. Cows everywhere.


Adventure gear of choice:

Head lamps, cheese curds, Ninkasi, and polarized sunglasses. Head lamps for night adventures. Cheese curds and Ninkasi for sustenance. Polarized sunglasses to protect the eyes from the blinding light reflecting off the pasty skinny man doing cannon balls. 


Adventure companions of choice:

We were a 6 person battle-pack who all brought heat in different ways.

Here’s a summary of each person’s brand of heat:

  • Josh: Destruction (demonstrated by smashing an unlucky window near our homemade rustic golf course)
  • Solange’: Dedication (demonstrated by doing actual chest compressions on her charades partner to showcase “CPR”)
  • Eric: Intelligence (demonstrated by building a fire that would make Eagle Scouts cower in fear)
  • Hayley: Deception (demonstrated by being 7 months pregnant and dominating the Wiffle Ball home run derby. Baller hustle move.)
  • Erin: Ferocity (demonstrated by taking no prisoners in the Tillamook Cheese Factory ice cream line)
  • Kenny: Preparedness (demonstrated by bringing the Ninkasi, a T-Rex load of dried pineapple, and enough headlamps to light the western seaboard). 

Three words to describe the adventure:

Roundhouse. Spin. Kick.

True or false: beer tastes better after performing dock jumping stunts for cows.

The answer is false. However, beer tastes so much better WHILE performing dock jump stunts for cows. Unrelated note: The Cows of Tillamook have never been so entertained.


Did you pair your beer with food or enjoy it in its pure, sudsy form?

Slammed my first Oyster Shooter with Total Domination. The Oyster Shooter tasted like snot. The Total Domination was glorious.


If your summer had a spirit animal, what would that be?

Humming Bird. Humming Birds TCOB (Take Care of Business) and look good in the process.


What music would be the soundtrack of your adventure?

All Skynyrd. All the time.

What’s the next adventure that will help you Dominate Your Summer?

Ever seen a skinny man push a two year old up a mountain? You’re about to. Taking the little man on a tour of hikes up Oregon mountains.

The stroller will be packed with Cheerios and Total Domination. Don’t worry, Total Dom will be for dad. Cheerios for both of us.

 Now it's your turn, friends! Grab a Total Domination, stuff your car full of toys to help you play outside, and tell us all about it before August 15th for your chance to win Orion coolers, Ninkasi Silipints and lots of other rad gear!

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