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Dominate Your Summer with Team Ninkasi: Taking Flight

Jul 29, 2015 Comments (0) Dominate Your Summer with Team Ninkasi: Taking Flight

We know you're all super busy dominating summer. But did YOU know that if  you tell us all about it on Twitter and Instagram, you can win rad adventure gear to pair with your rad adventures?

(Full contest rules: here.)

REALLY rad adventure gear. Like Ninkasi Silipints, Orion Coolers, and threads to hang with your roughest and toughest adventures. 

To help inspire more summer adventure show and tell, we chatted with Billy, the member of Team Ninkasi who will do ANYTHING to help Perpetuate Better Living (no, seriously ANYTHING. Remember the kid who took a Budweiser shower to help fight the good fight for craft beer? All Billy.) 

How’d you dominate your summer this weekend?

Scene of domination:

The Oregon Coast. Yachats to be exact.

Adventure gear of choice:

Advance Alpha 5 paraglide wing, a six pack of Total Domination, helmet, gloves, and one bag of Trader Joe’s dried mango (for safety reasons).

Adventure companions of choice:

My flying partner, Nikos. (Editor's note: who also happens to be the founding member of Team Ninkasi and our CEO.)

Three words to describe the adventure:

Smiles, sun, sand


True or false: Beer tastes better after paragliding.

It doesn’t get much better than drinking Total Domination on a beach. Especially after paragliding.  

If your summer had a spirit animal, what would that be?

Definitely a sloth. Have you ever seen a sloth fly? YouTube it, people.

What music would be the soundtrack of your adventure?

A sloth flies to one song, and one song only. I Believe I can Fly by R Kelly.

What’s the next adventure that will help you Dominate Your Summer?

The Whiteaker Block Party. 

 Now it's your turn, friends! Grab a Total Domination, stuff your car full of toys to help you play outside, and tell us all about it before August 15th for your chance to win Orion coolers, Ninkasi Silipints and lots of other rad gear!

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