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There's Something in the Water at Ninkasi

Jul 30, 2015 Comments (0) Theres Something in the Water at Ninkasi

There's "Something in the Water" at Ninkasi Brewing Company. Not only do we brew quality, independent craft beers, we also have a love for music and a strong desire to help others.

That's why you'll find a recording studio built right inside our brewery – Ninkasi Studios.  We opened it to let up-and-coming bands record music and help them get discovered. The fact we can enjoy a cold beer while doing it is an added bonus.

James Book, with two decades of experience in the music industry, operates Ninkasi Studios and provides expertise to Ninkasi partnered artists at no charge.

This unique partnership of music and beer allows us to grow and help launch the next generation of inspiring musicians.

Ninkasi Studios is working closely with Haunted Summer, a Los Angeles-based band. We’re sponsoring the re-release of its EP "Something in the Water.” The husband and wife duo of John Seasons and Bridgette Moody have already performed in venues across the country bringing their dream-like psychedelic sound to new audiences. The re-release of “Something in the Water” will be available for purchase at Haunted Summer tour stops this year.

This album is not the first project that we've worked on with Haunted Summer.

They also helped us celebrate the launch of Ground Control.

And let us include their hit "Something in the Water" in our Dominate Your Summer mix. 

We caught up with them when they were taking a break from crafting great music to chat about their music, how they first met Ninkasi, and what beer they drink between shows. 

How did your relationship with Ninkasi start? 

We got an opportunity to meet up with James Book over at Ninkasi for a tour of their brewery during one of our tours up the coast. During that meeting we bonded over the love we felt for their beer, music, and as new friends. By the end of the tour we mutually knew we wanted to pursue a partnership. Everyone from Ninkasi is like family to us now.

How has the partnership impacted your music, touring, etc? 

We have been touring heavily going on 3 years now as a headliner and with big nationals. Working with Ninkasi has been very positive. They have had us play some amazing venues through them like Wonder Ballroom (PDX), EMP Museum's Sky Church (Seattle), and Mandalay Bay (Las Vegas). They exposed us to new crowds and great musical acts in each market, and have been very generous with supporting our musical releases, something that can be costly for an independent band. We also wrote a song called "Dawn of the Red" (which is a Ninkasi beer) borrowing the term for a tune which we think is one of the best we've written. It's been a inspiring experience as we feel we are breaking new ground in the music industry with a beer company we love and that supports so many of the same things we believe in (art, music, community, craft, and our environment). We are excited about continuing to grow together as friends, family, and partners in the years to come.

Any favorite Ninkasi shows so far?

We'd say the show we played at the Sky Church at the EMP in Seattle was one of our favorites. It was a release party for their beer, Ground Control, which was made with yeast that had been sent to space, and the footage of the launch was pretty magical on that IMAX screen. Plus, any chance to dress up in a spacesuit is good by us. 

What inspires your music and lyrics?

We are inspired by life. The energy felt in nature, the energy within relationships, the energy of memories...everything that suspends you in the single space of the universe that you inhabit, how we all come to be. 

Who inspires you?

Bjork, John Lennon, anyone who never becomes a fabrication of what people want them to be and remain true to their craft and art. Any artist who makes art for the sake of art and the pursuit of ones personal happiness and truth.

What’s your spirit animal(s)?

John: A Koala

Bridgette: Mike Tyson

What’s your post or pre-show beer?

Ninkasi's Lux is a nice smooth kickstart to the night. And when all the gear is packed up and you're all squared away, Ninkasi's classic Total Domination IPA keeps the party going.  

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