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Summer Domination Winners

Sep 17, 2015 Comments (0) Summer Domination Winners

 We asked you guys and gals to take us with you on your summer adventures and you delivered! 

We went to national parks and backyard BBQs together. Climbed rocks and paddled around rivers. Chilled next to lakes and atop summits. We don't know about you, but it was our best summer yet. 

Which made choosing the winners for our Dominate Your Summer contest nearly impossible. You're all so darn cool, we wanted to give you ALL coolers. But sadly, we only had three to give away and had to narrow it down to three of the raddest adventure photos.

Because we wanted to make sure the coolers were going to good homes that would be full of MANY more beer-filled adventures, we chatted with the three photographers behind the shots to find out more about their summer domination. We're happy to report, they're all going to do an absolutely fantastic job filling these coolers with delicious beer and adventures. 

Presenting, our grand prize winners...

(drumroll please)


(also known as Dane, a summit-chasing, paddle boarding, cave exploring owner of the raddest hat in Oregon.)

How’d you dominate your summer?

Some of the places I've dominated this summer have been Boyd Cave and Pictograph Cave. I also went to the summit of South Sister, then went on to hike Broken Top twice.

Once to the crater and again to No Name Lake. I've been able to enjoy Lava Lake, Sparks Lake, East Lake, and Paulina Lake whether fishing, paddle boarding, or just hanging out with some friends.

Adventure gear of choice:

I always have my camel pack, first aid kit, a charged phone, some snacks and a cold beer.

Adventure companions:

My adventure companions usually include my amazing boyfriend and some of the best friends you could ever ask for. And of course my Batman hat! 

Three words to describe your summer of adventures:




True or false: beer tastes better after adventuring:

True! Never has an adventure been so rewarding. Throwing yourself at the mercy of a 10,000ft plus mountain, enduring it and being complimented with that view.... with a brew!?!? Can't wait to do it again!

If your summer had a spirit animal, what would that be?

Honestly my spirit animal this summer would have to be a Mountain Goat. I've slipped and slid on rocks and shale, on summits and in ravines all summer long. Mountain goats make it look so much easier.

What music would be the soundtrack of your adventure?

The soundtrack to my adventures would include, but not be limited to, hard rock. The stuff that gets your adrenaline up, pushing you, forcing you to give it your all up that mountain. But coming back down, fast, with that sense of accomplishment and some quick feet, can only be paired with some good olé dubstep.

 What’s the next adventure? And, more importantly, are you bringing us along?

As for the next adventure we'll have to see what we get for a winter. I'd really like do some ice fishing! Never been before but when I think about it I see myself with either an Oatis or a Sleigh'r. Probably go with a Sleigh'r!



(also known as Allie, a super fun, river-loving, craft beer fiend in California.)

How’d you dominate your summer?

This summer should be dubbed "River Domination" I visited three rivers: the Kings, the Colorado & the Mokelumne. There's nothing I love more than hitting the open road alone, windows down, shades on and music blasting. And of course, my ice chest in the trunk: chalk full of crafty brews.

Scene/s of domination:

First scene of domination: sitting on a fallen cedar by the Kings River in Kings Canyon National Park. This was towards the end of a long day down by the river: jumping off rocks and some pretty amazing bear encounters.

Second scene of domination: me sitting (or trying to) at the bottom of the Kings River, total domination in hand, also in Kings Canyon National Park: my second home.

Third scene: relaxing in the early morning heat in Needles, CA. Swinging on the banks of the Colorado River, before melting in the ungodly heat & conquering the day. Don't worry, the beer was nice and cold when I enjoyed it.

Fourth scene: Huge brushfire burns in Needles, CA. As if Ninkasi has truly dominated the entire world! 

Fifth and sixth scenes: the Mokelumne River, running behind my Grandparent's home. The river back drop was too beautifully green to not take advantage of with an equally beautiful beer!

Adventure gear of choice:

My aerobie to toss around (and get caught in trees) a good pair of shades and my Tevas: the only camping shoes I will ever stomp & hop around in! 

Adventure companions of choice:

Copious amounts of growlers, filled with only the hoppiest of brews, my puppy and my iPod. Always need the road tunes.

Three words to describe your summer of adventures:




True or false: beer tastes better after being submerged in Mother Nature.


If your summer had a spirit animal, what would that be?

A jackalope!

What music would be the soundtrack of your adventure?

The soundtrack for my summer river domination would definitely be Creedence Clearwater Revival.

What’s the next adventure? And, more importantly, are you bringing us along?
My next adventure is unknown but I'm anticipating its arrival. And will I bring you along? This question isn't even necessary!

Ninkasi is always by my side, keeping this bunny hoppy. CHEERS TO NINKASI! #perpetuatebetterliving #totaldomination



(Also known as Adrian, a mountain biker who balances family time and chasing sweet dirt in Idaho.)

How’d you dominate your summer?

I am quite proud of my diligence to pedal every chance I had this summer and enjoy the outdoors. If I dominated anything it'd be time management; the ability to schedule dominating trail daily. I drank quite a few Total Dominations this summer, that's for sure.

Scene/s of domination:

Sun Valley, Idaho

Adventure gear of choice:

My Mountain Bike, Niner RKT 9 RDO.

Adventure companions of choice:

It was important for me to assemble a posse of other dads who could break free at similar time slots, like during nap time or after bedtime. My friends Dien and Jason were the most reliable accomplices.

Three words to describe your summer of adventures:

Continually hammering trail.

True or false: beer tastes after a mountain bike ride:

TRUE! Sometimes I start craving it towards the end of a ride and it helps me get back to the truck, open the cooler and dominate a coldie.

If your summer had a spirit animal, what would that be?

My summer spirit animal would be the tiger, in order to pack in as much adventure as possible I had to have the eye of the tiger and keep hunting the prized singletrack.

 What music would be the soundtrack of your adventure?

I rode alone with headphones quite a bit, so I literally have a soundtrack playing. My playlist includes tunes from ATB, Little People, Metric and Deadmau5. Gotta keep the rhythm going when hammering.

What’s the next adventure? And, more importantly, are you bringing us along?

I'm planning one big fall ride up in the Sawtooth mountains of Idaho, have some friends lined up and for sure our first stop is to fill the cooler with Ninkasi to fuel our adventures.

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