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Dawn of the Red: Chapter Two

Oct 05, 2015 Comments (0) Dawn of the Red: Chapter Two

When we first met with our Artist in Residence Neal Williams, we said these words, “There’s a cityscape within Dawn of the Red’s packaging, and we want you to zoom in on what’s happening in that city. Use your unique style of art to complete the story behind Dawn of the Red.”

Neal then did what Neal does and created a killer triptych to tell the story behind our killer beer. This week, we'll tell that story panel-by-panel to give you the full picture of what's happening behind that \m/.

Crack a beer, grab your zombie fighting weapon of choice, and dig in!

A mass global disaster has begun to spread. People have deemed it “The Dawn of the Red.” Across the world, everyday people are quickly being overrun by an unknown disease that rapidly alters a person’s genetic code to the point where they’re no longer considered human. A small but mighty group of people have banded together to fight off the infected souls in an effort to protect “the still living.” For this group of rebels, the rock and roll hand is a symbol of hope. It suggests that in the midst of un-paralleled, excruciating noise, man must always rock harder and louder than the infected.

In the depths of a full-fledged attack on the last trusted water source, the McKenzie River, a group of doomed rebel fighters quickly crafted a makeshift wooden structure of this hand as a signal to their fellow brothers and sisters at arms that the river has been taken over. These are ordinary people who have turned into renegade fighters against the Dawn of the Red. Last week, we met Blair, the fearless leader of the group.

Today, we’ll get to know Rusty, the lone wolf.  


Unique fighting attributes: Fearlessness, resourcefulness, unbridled rage


Rusty is a 32 year-old unemployed logger and freelance chainsaw artist. Prior to the Dawn of the Red, Rusty had never held a full-time job for longer than six months. His perfectionist tendencies and ability to understand the complex nature of wood made him exceptional at his trade. But he couldn’t hold a job thanks to his red hot temper. Rusty’s childhood was a rough go and for the majority, he lived alone with his older brother, Earl. Earl and Rusty grew to despise each other, and when he was 14, Rusty left home and ventured out on his own. He lied about his age and found work as a coastal logger. While the labor was backbreaking, he enjoyed the daily challenges it provided. From a young age, Rusty was a loner, and working in deep woods with limited human contact was ideal. It was during this time that he first gained an appreciation for woodworking. Where he was borderline toxic around people, he was almost savant-like with wood. Strangely, he felt more connected to fallen timber than he ever had with people. In his free time, he began experimenting with chainsaw art. He spent countless hours converting tree stumps into magnificent wooden sculptures. He could create Grizzly bears, dinosaurs, salmon, even human portraits that followed mathematical precision, using nothing but a chainsaw. He soon discovered that there was a market for his pieces, and after getting fired for scuffling with his boss, Rusty decided he was done working for anyone but himself. Rusty built himself a small cabin deep in the woods, and with the exception of sporadic trips to town to sell his pieces and purchase supplies, he was off-the-grid. So when the Dawn of the Red hit, he was completely unaware. It wasn’t until a hoard of the infected stormed his cabin that he realized anything was amiss. In what seemed like an impossible feat, Rusty fought off 50 strong using his patented chainsaw, but his location was compromised, and they just kept coming. He was left with no choice but to abandon his sanctuary and seek safety. He gathered as many supplies as he could and headed up the mountain. When he reached the peak, he discovered a rebel shelter. Despite his disgust for human interaction, he was forced to join them.



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