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24 Hours of Games: It's for the Kids!

Nov 03, 2015 Comments (0)  | Tags: Beer is Love 24 Hours of Games: Its for the Kids!

This Saturday, November 7th, Team Ninkasi will be gaming, all night and day for a great cause! Once again, Ninkasi employees, family and friends will participate in the annual Extra Life, 24-hour game-a-thon, an international event to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Hospitals. Last year more than 6 million participants gamed across the U.S. and Canada. Team Ninkasi brought in a total of $3,000 to donate to local CMN Hospitals. This year, we’re hoping to increase our donation to a grand total of $5,000. (You too can participate by donating to team Ninkasi or creating your own team!)

Last week, a few members of Team Ninkasi took a tour of the pediatric wing of River Bend Hospital in Springfield to see firsthand what the Children's Miracle Network does for the hospital.

From our Beer is Love program manager, Emilie, here’s what Team Ninkasi learned:

We met Abby from the Children's Miracle Network in front of the beautifully huge fireplace at the River Bend Hospital's lobby. She excitedly greeted us and immediately began talking about what the Children's Miracle Network's purpose is at the hospital. The biggest thing she drove home - local care. Springfield is now a local hub for dependable and amazing health care for babies, children and young adults.

What is it that makes River Bend Hospital so great? The three main things that we saw: technology, training and equipment. First, we went to the pediatric wing of the hospital. The walls are decorated with decals of sea animals. The decorations gave life to a space that is usually thought of as sterile.

One of the best parts of the pediatric wing was the Tree House. This is a play area for kids and parents alike. There's a basketball hoop, ping pong table, a tree to climb on and more. Instead of windows, there are window screens, which gives the room fresh air all of the time. It's a refreshing and fun area to spend time in.

The coolest part of the tour was seeing the new MRI room. It was incredible. If you have ever had an MRI, you know that it is an uncomfortable experience. From being in a tight space to hearing constant loud noises, having an MRI is anything but fun. Well, this special MRI room has lights that can change to any color you want. When we got there, there was a beautiful, bright green light filling the room. In the back, there was a large screen playing images of nature.

We learned that you can bring in a movie of your choice to watch while you get an MRI. This is crucial for kids who have to get MRIs. Typically, a child has to be put under anesthesia to have an MRI. This is because children typically move too much to get a clear picture. Now, they are working towards not having to do that and instead, giving kids the opportunity to watch their favorite movie while they go through the procedure.

The final area we went to was the NICU. We learned about the teeny-tiny patients who get help there. It was clear that the doctors and nurses who work here are incredibly passionate about helping these babies.

It didn't take long for us to be amazed by the work the Children's Miracle Network has done for the River Bend Hospital. We were happy to see exactly where the money we have raised goes to help patients.

To donate, visit the Team Ninkasi page or start an Extra Life team yourself and game on! You can also follow Team Ninkasi’s live Twitch stream this Saturday!


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