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Working and Playing at Ninkasi

Nov 16, 2015 Comments (0) Working and Playing at Ninkasi

We know and love that every member of Team Ninkasi works hard to get high quality beer to all of you! So we work hard to make sure everyone here can enjoy a high quality life-both at and outside of work.

From wellness initiatives that include a climbing wall, employee bikes, weekly massages, and smoking cessation incentives, to a volunteer program that offers paid worktime for employees donating their time to an organization of their choice, to environmentally sustainable facilities, we make sure Ninkasi is a positive part of an overall quality-driven lifestyle.

So we were thrilled and honored to learn Outside Magazine named Ninkasi as one of the Best Places to Work for being a company that "empowers their employees to live bigger, better lives." 

To help explain why Ninkasi is one of the absolute best places to work-we went straight to the most reliable sources-the people who work here! 




Brewery Experience Coordinator
7 months of Working/Playing at Ninkasi

Why do you love working at Ninkasi? I love working at Ninkasi for a ton of reasons! But most often because I get to work with and learn from a diversely talented group of individuals who all come together for the same goal – to make the best quality beer we can. My job is to walk around our facilities and showcase our brewery to the public and industry partners and I’ve been able to learn vastly more about the beer-making/selling process than I thought was possible in such a short period of time. Through talking to all these people I’ve also learned parts of everything from TIG welding to the merits of trail running and how some odd nicknames were created. (Most of those are secrets).

Three words to describe Team Ninkasi: Lively, insightful, welcoming.

Team Ninkasi’s Spirit Animal: An Octopus – Sometimes things might seem like chaos with all those legs, but ultimately we’ve got a super-intelligent machine with a highly refined sense of smell and taste.

Best employee perk: Growing up, I loved occasionally catching the aroma of wort being made while driving past breweries. Now it’s an extremely enjoyable part of my daily routine. 




Regional Manager-East Coast & New Markets
8 1/2 years of Working/Playing at Ninkasi

Why do you love working at Ninkasi? We started organically as a group of friends making great beer and not really knowing where we were going, which quickly turned into a tribe, and now an amazing community of amazing people, each with their own unique contributions, coming together with some of the best ideas and water on Earth to form what is now Ninkasi. I am a part of that and that is why I love working at Ninkasi.


Three words to describe Team Ninkasi: Philanthropic, Creative, (full of) Memories.

Team Ninkasi’s Spirit Animal: A dancing bear of course!

Favorite Ninkasi beer: As we speak I have a Dawn Of The Red in my hand, but last night I dreamt about Tim’s Belgian Trippel at a Duck Game Tailgate.

Best employee perk: Being an integral part of Craft Beer history and its future. The beer/ the ownership/the travel/the community/the cool merch/health insurance/401k/massages/climbing wall/Stumptown Cold Brew/free phone/free taxis when needed/beer dinners/small batch beers/ the tasting room/Local D/music recording studio/the Metal Shop/good friends/work-life balance/Creative Pursuit Of Mastery…….ONE TEAM! Need I say more……[Drop The Mic]



Account Event Manager
11 Months Working/Playing at Ninkasi

Why do you love working at Ninkasi? I love beer. I love the people I work with, I love that Ninkasi has core values and stands behind them in everything we do, and has a strong forward thinking team. And is fun! They're always looking for ways to improve or be better, listen to all of the employees, and I can reach out to anyone. It's a great company!

Three words to describe Team Ninkasi: Forward-thinking, innovative, delicious.

Team Ninkasi’s Spirit Animal: I am a red tailed hawk, Team Ninkasi is a jaguar

Favorite Ninkasi beer: Dawn of the Red.

Best employee perk: Flexible schedule.



Business Intelligence Analyst
1.7205 Years of Working/Playing at Ninkasi

Why do you love working at Ninkasi? The culture, first and foremost. The people. The product. The actual excitement I feel about getting up and going to work every day. 

Three words to describe Team Ninkasi: Superlative. Perspicacious. Commiserative. Alternatively: Humans. Sometimes dogs.

 Team Ninkasi’s Spirit Animal: A Red Panda

 Favorite Ninkasi beer: Year round, I’d have to say Dawn of the Red. I’m pretty excited about (top secret awesome beer) being launched though.

 Best employee perk: Honestly, all of it. I love the vibe, I love the free beer, I love that we have Street Fighter 2 in our lobby. Can’t think of much that I don’t like, to be honest (other than, maybe, the fact that we don’t have an in-house breakfast burrito cart, which would undoubtedly save me a ton of money).



Production and Operations Coordinator
2 ½ Years of Working/Playing at Ninkasi

Why do you love working at Ninkasi? Makes all of my friends TOTALLY jealous and If I have to work to earn a profit for someone else, there are no owners more awesome, sincere, cool and talented than these guys. The sense of community and philanthropy really speaks to my soul. (And beer- duh.)

Three words to describe Team Ninkasi: Talented, humorous, Ninja.

Team Ninkasi’s Spirit Animal: Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninha Turtles- (we love our pizza around here.)

Favorite Ninkasi beer: Pravda- BRING IT BACK!

Best employee perk: Getting paid to volunteer?!!!!! WHAT?!!!!



Cellar Operator (aka fermentation ninja)
2 years of Working/Playing at Ninkasi

Why do you love working at Ninkasi? There are lots of reasons why I love working for Ninkasi. First and foremost is my coworkers. I love these cats to death. It's a really cool experience to come to work and see the people around you, not just as your coworkers, but as your friends and peers. Secondly, is (obviously) the beer. We all take pride in the beers we make, and try to consistently put out the best brews we can, and I like to think we do a pretty darn good job of doing that. There are so many other amazing things about working for Ninkasi, I could go on and on, but I don't want to take over the whole post!

Three words to describe Ninkasi: Independent, stellar, and rambunctious. 

Team Ninkasi's Spirit animal? Weird choice, but I'm going with the puffer fish. Because much like the puffer fish, we went from very small to big in what seems like an instant, and we're never gonna let the bigger fish eat us up. Also, they're just awesome, and there's nothing else quite like them, much like us.

Favorite Ninkasi Beer: It's gotta be Dawn of the Red. Because it's super hoppy and delicious, but also really balanced and easy drinking. I've also been really into mixing Noir and Vanilla Oatis lately. It's like a latte stout, so yummy.

Best Ninkasi perk? That's like trying to pick a favorite album or something very difficult. But I guess if I had to pick one it would be the monthly merchandise credit. It's always nice being able to give gifts to family and friends, and to score some cool swag for myself too. And beer always comes in handy at band practice ;)



National Donations Manager
3 Years of Working/Playing at Ninkasi

Why do you love working at Ninkasi? I love coming to work and being myself. Every person at Ninkasi is different and everyone is encouraged to be themselves. With that, comes a lot of awesome personalities that I love working with every day. Also, dogs are allowed at the office so that’s a huge bonus.

Three words to describe Team Ninkasi: Creative, Ambitious, Fun.

Team Ninkasi’s Spirit Animal: Unicorn.

Favorite Ninkasi beer: Sleigh’r Dark Double Alt Ale.

Best employee perk: Monthly money for beer and merch. Gift giving and contributing to dinners (or any affair that could use beer) have never been easier!

Want to find out for yourself why Ninkasi is one of the very best places to work and play? Keep an eye on our website! That's where wwe post all of our new and exciting opportunities.

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