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Funraising* for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Dec 02, 2015 Comments (0) Funraising* for Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals

(*No, that's not a typo. Read on to find out why!)

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals hold a special place in hearts around the brewery. Many members of Team Ninkasi have been personally and very positively impacted by CMN hospitals. Our brothers, daughters, cousins, and even the newest set of twins in the Ninkasi family, have benefited from life-saving services powered by CMN hospitals, both here in Eugene and around the country!

When the opportunity to game for 24 hours with Extra Life to support these hospitals came up, we hopped right on it! Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised over $14 million to help provide critical tools, technology and training at CMN hospitals across the United States. All through hours and hours of gaming. Which is something our brewery full of nerds can get on board with. 

Last year, we joined over 6 million people across the US and Canada to engage in our first 24 hour game-a-thon for CMN hospitals. We had so much fun and saw how much it helps hospitals like the one in the Eugene area, that we came back for another round of fundraising this year. 

We equipped ourselves to game from 6 am to 6 am with a lot of snacks, a healthy amount of craft beer, and ALL OF THE GAMES (no, really, we were close).

We had Destiny, Rocket League, Ballz 3D, Mario Kart, Giant Jenga, Battleship, Cards Against Humanity, Trouble, so many puzzles, Street Fighter II, The Goonies, Scrabble, Settlers of Catan, and Monopoly Deal. To name a few. 

It's tough to say whether Destiny or the Empire Strikes Back puzzle drew the biggest crowd, but both were extremely popular with our crew of gamers and their friends and family.  

(You know you're REALLY a nerd when you don't just love puzzles, you love STAR WARS puzzles.) 

The competition remained friendly. Mostly. 

Although, we heard reports that a few rounds of Mario Kart could raise some eyebrows in Organizational Development. But probably won't since the head of that department was behind the wheel of a particularly competitive go-kart. 

As you can imagine, there were a few dicey moments in the middle of the night. 

But our team of fearless and determined gamers persevered through the darkest hours

With a little help from some friends. 

And at the end of 24 hours of gaming, our awesome crew was still standing and ready to cheers those 24 hours of games-for the kids!

In the end, our gaming heros played hundreds of hours of games to raise a lot of awareness and $6,327 for CMN Hospitals-far surpassing their goal of $5,000! 

One of the highlights of the event was when two surgeons from our local CMN hospital stopped by with their children. They were blown away by how much Team Ninkasi put into the fundraiser and by how excited and passionate our team was, not only to game all day, but to beat their fundraising goal. They talked about what a big difference even the smallest of donations can make in a child’s life. The work they do is really incredible!

If you want to support CMN hospitals through a donation, you can still visit the Team Ninkasi page through the end of the year. Or, start an Extra Life team yourself and game on! 


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