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5 Ninkasi Stouts You Should Drink Right Now

Dec 22, 2015 Comments (0) 5 Ninkasi Stouts You Should Drink Right Now

Now that it's officially winter, it's officially stout season (as if we ever need an excuse to pour one of our favorite styles...). You can tell it's one of our favorite styles because we just can't stop brewing them. To help you figure out where to start stouting, we recruited the help of Ben, Team Ninkasi's Assistant Tasting Room Manager and a Certified Cicerone (that means he KNOWS beer and is armed with enough knowledge to talk about it all day, every day).

Here’s a simple quiz question for you: Are you drinking a Ninkasi stout right now?

If you answered YES, pat yourself on the back, move forward one space and have another pint. YOU ARE A WINNER.

If you answered NO, leave your desk, couch, or rocking chair right now, go to the Ninkasi Tasting Room or your favorite local bottle shop and TRY AGAIN.

This is stout season! When it’s cold, wet, windy and dark and all you want to do is stay in by the fire and drink 'til springtime, Ninkasi’s got you covered.


Source: @Rocklynn2

The best way to combat the darkness of the winter is to cozy up and grab a pint of darkness for yourself. Here’s what stouts we’re drinking and why:

1. Oatis. This is THE CLASSIC Ninkasi stout. It’s big, roasty, chocolatey, and creamy-silky-smooth thanks to the addition of all that oatmeal. If you haven’t had an Oatis in a while, today is the day to remedy that. Oatis was originally a winter seasonal that was so delicious we just had to have it year-round. Oatis is a bold, dark, thick brew that really makes a statement about its drinkers. If nothing else, holding a pint of it by a fire will make you look like a total badass.

Source: The Beeroness.

2. Vanilla Oatis. Yes, I said VANILLA. This twin sister to Oatis is the same great recipe, with only one little difference: we add whole vanilla beans to the tanks after fermentation to give it a yummy smooth vanilla finish. Though the vanilla doesn’t add any sweetness, there is a bit of perceived sweetness that comes along with it making this a perfect beer to go with desserts. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Well, you should be. Because I’m thinking VANILLA OATIS ICE CREAM FLOATS.

Source: Barley the Brew Pup

3. Noir. This year we added a new stout to the lineup. It’s called Noir and it’s a game changer. Noir is a milk stout, or sweet stout, and is our take on the classic “invalid” beer style. Milk stouts were originally considered to have nutritional benefits and were often prescribed to new mothers and those recovering from illness or injury. Need a bit of a coffee fix? Then Noir is what I’m prescribing for you because we upped the game with this milk stout by adding cold brewed coffee from our friends at Stumptown Coffee Roasters! Yeah, that’s right; sweet, delicious, chocolatey beer WITH COFFEE!

Source: @ScottB211

4. Imperiale. Have you tried our Imperial Stout? Unfortunately, we didn’t make any this year, but fortunately for us we have a good stockpile of vintage Imperiale kegs that we’ll be tapping in the Tasting Room throughout the winter. This beer only gets better with age. Chocolate, coffee, caramel and dark fruit flavors swirl together in this holiday favorite. It's a strong brew that's got just about everything you need to get you through all the family functions of the season. Check our tap list and come snatch up a growler of it. You’ll be happy you did.

5. Ground Control. Remember that time we made beer with yeast that we sent TO SPACE?! Ground Control hit shelves this spring and was quickly snatched up by all our fans. The only thing more beautiful than the packaging for this Imperial Stout was the liquid inside it. Coming in at 10% ABV with the addition of hazelnuts, star anise and cocoa nibs, this beer is as dark and funky as space itself. If you were lucky enough to acquire some bottles of this and had the foresight to cellar it, now is a good time to crack one open. It’s the perfect brew to break the ice with that weird uncle of yours while you sit around the holiday table.


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