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IBU Improvements

Apr 26, 2016 Comments (0) IBU Improvements

The next time you walk into your local grocery store, you might notice our bottles look a little different.

We freshed up our packaging and updated the art so our labels now match the personality of each beer we brew. 

You might also notice that a few of the numbers on our labels have also been updated. Specifically our International Bitterness Units (IBU). We asked the leader of our Quality Team to fill you in on why these numbers changed. 

What is changing?

Actually, nothing changed at all. We’ve just improved our ability to both accurately measure the IBUs in our lab and to hit IBUs within a 10% variance rate when we brew our beer.

What improvements did you make to those processes?

First, we verify that our hops’ alpha acids (where the IBUs come from) are exactly what are labeled on the hop boxes by having third party accredited labs measure them. This helps us calculate exactly how many hops to use to hit our target IBUs when we brew.

We’ve also recently invested in instrumentation for our lab that can more precisely measure the IBUs. We also verify and validate our IBU measurements using both regular standards and third party labs.

Why did you improve these processes?

We work hard to ensure the quality and consistency of our beers, because like our love for hops, the desire for quality and consistency is in our DNA! We will always strive to invest in and improve upon our quality program.

What does this mean for the beer I know and love?

You can rest assured that the Ninkasi IPA you know and love will be the same deliciousness it always was and will be each and every time. We’re working our little hops off to ensure you can count on this. 

Changes are as follows:

Total Domination: 81

Tricerahops: 84

Dawn of the Red: 66

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