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Beer is Love Partner Spotlight: Copper River Watershed Project

Apr 28, 2016 Comments (0) Beer is Love Partner Spotlight: Copper River Watershed Project

One of our favorite non-profit organizations to support in the beautiful state of Alaska is the Copper River Watershed Project. This organization perpetuates better living by supporting the environment, specifically through helping salmon! In April, we have the opportunity to support their annual Wild Food Feasts on April 15th and April 30th. By the looks of the first event, you should definitely try to make it to the second!

Tell us about your organization and the event:

The Copper River Watershed Project works to foster the health of the Copper River watershed's salmon-based communities, economies and cultures. We manage several programs including fish habitat monitoring and restoration, invasive plant management, storm water pollution mitigation, watershed education, and recycling. We operate throughout 26,500 square miles of unique habitat and aim to connect upriver and downriver communities through a shared appreciation and need for our watershed resources. We hold an annual Wild Food Feast in both the upriver and downriver communities of our watershed. The downriver event was held in Cordova on April 15th and the upriver event will be held on April 30th in Glennallen. Many residents of the watershed lead subsistence or semi-subsistence lifestyles. The event features a wild food cook off prepared by guests and includes prizes for "Best Swimming", "Best Flying", "Best Walking”, "Best Dessert", and "Best in Show" dishes using locally harvested foods such as caribou, moose, salmon, berries, and more. The events bring together our members, partners, and friends in the region and recognizes the importance of ensuring the long-term sustainability of the habitat we and our food sources depend on.

How did a beer donation impact your event?

The beer donation was a great complement to the wild food buffet. We had our best turnout to this annual event in Cordova with a wide variety of wild-sourced foods. The beer was a big hit and certainly added to the fun and revelry of our event. 

What does the Beer is Love Program mean to you? 

As a non-profit organization we appreciate the support and mission of the Beer is Love Program. Our mission aligns with the program goal to perpetuate better living, as we strive to perpetuate the health of the Copper River watershed. Our annual events and the beer we are able to serve unite our watershed supporters!

Music is an integral part of our brewery. In that spirit, what would be the theme song for your organization? 

I Will Survive, salmon style.


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