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Beer is Love Partner Spotlight: Portland Story Theatre

May 31, 2016 Comments (0) Beer is Love Partner Spotlight: Portland Story Theatre

Ninkasi loves supporting the arts so it was an easy decision to support the Portland Story Theatre, a local theatre organization that fosters community through the rawness of their art.

In January, our Beer is Love program supported the annual Armchair Adventure show with a beer donation. Portland Story Theatre’s founder, Lawrence Howard, wrote about the event and how a beer donation helped make it even better.

Tell us about your organization and the event. 

Portland Story Theater is a small nonprofit art that promotes the ancient art of storytelling in a way that enriches modern life. We break down barriers and build community by sharing the real, true stories of ordinary people. We bring people together from all walks of life to practice radical empathy by simply listening to one another.

This particular event was our Armchair Adventurer show, an annual event featuring Portland Story Theater co-founder Lawrence Howard telling epic tales of adventure, survival and endurance. This year we told the little known story of Ernest Shackleton’s Ross Sea party --- those valiant men on the other side of Antarctica who gave everything they had to lay down the caches of food and fuel along Shackleton’s trans-Antarctic route one hundred years ago. It was a huge success and drew one of the largest crowds in Portland Story Theater history.

How did the donation impact your event? 

The donation really made our event special. Portland Story Theater events are not primarily about the drinking, but we do like to serve beer and wine and snacks to create a warm and intimate environment. Even though there might be 350 people in the theater, being able to enjoy a good beer while they listen to the story makes them feel like they are welcome guests at a wonderful party; like we’re all just sitting in the living room of a dear friend and having the best time. I would say that the donation helps us to really make our guests feel welcome.

What does the Beer is Love Program mean to you? 

Beer is Love is all about Ninkasi showing us the love, giving back to the community, getting involved in the good things that are happening and really caring about the people who are trying to make those good things happen. Beer is Love makes me feel loved!

Music is an integral part of our brewery. In that spirit, what would be the theme song for your organization? 

Because Portland Story Theater tries so hard to build community and make everyone feel welcome and valued and important, maybe that old Sly and the Family Stone song “We Are Family” would be a good theme song for us.

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