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Team Total Domination Spotlight: Bryon and Colin Take Flight

Aug 26, 2016 Comments (0) Team Total Domination Spotlight: Bryon and Colin Take Flight


Team Total Domination has been totally dominating their summer so far. Whether they're kayaking down waterfalls, hiking through Alaska's beautiful terrain, or going on 100 mile runs in the desert, our team sure knows how to live life to the fullest. We hope these stories inspire others to get out of the daily routine and explore what this world has to offer. Recently, two of our team members went on an epic paragliding trip in Tahoe together. Bryon Dorr, explorer, overlander, and kayaker teamed up with professional paraglider and kayaker Colin Kemp for the ultimate adventure. This is their story. 


Take Flight and Dominate Your Summer

By Bryon Dorr

I’ve taken to the skies one other time in my life, on a paid tandem paragliding flight off the cliffs of SE Oahu, flying along the Hawaiian coast. It was a truly amazing experience, and one I’ve always wanted to repeat. Luckily friend, and fellow Team Total Domination member, Colin Kemp is a very talented paraglider, and tandem certified. 

My recent travels took me to the shores of Lake Tahoe, where there is a spectacular paragliding launch, called Day Dreams. This spot along the North shore of the lake, at the California/Nevada border, is one of Colin’s local spots, and a pretty user-friendly spot for tandem flights. While it is a steep long hike up to the launch, especially with a heavy tandem paragliding rig, it is worth every step. The forest and views along the way are spectacular, and just get more impressive as you take flight.

On this evening, the winds cooperated for about an hour of flight time, which allowed me to get some fun photos, chat about the intricacies of this site and paragliding in general and get some basic paragliding pilot training. I knew I’d be hooked, and I am. I’m not sure how I can fit time for another sport, more gear and another community into my life on the road, but I’d sure like to find a way for paragliding!

Many people might be apprehensive about taking flight while dangling from tiny strings in a small harness under a thin piece of cloth, but I can assure you that it is well worth putting those first thoughts aside. The gear is made of extremely advanced materials, is very durable and designs have matured greatly over the past few years, both in terms of performance and safety.

Being scared of heights really isn’t a good excuse, as it’s amazing how free you feel in the air, and the normal vertigo of standing on a cliff edge just isn’t a part of flying a paraglider. You might also think that paragliding is a big adrenaline sport, but unless you are really good and doing acrobatics, it can be a relatively mellow and relaxing adventure sport. Once in the air, paragliding is many times a smooth relaxing glide above the bustling world below. You can leave your worries behind, and soar with the birds. What I’m saying is that you should leave your preconceived ideas on the ground and take flight in a paraglider the next opportunity you get.

 If you fly with amazing people like Colin, you can also expect tasty Ninkasi beer, from a cold cooler, at the LZ. Cold Oregon craft beer on the shores of Lake Tahoe at sunset, with good friends, after an amazing flight over the lake, is a pretty ideal way to “perpetuate better living”!

(Bryon is a Garmin Pro, and many of the photos in the post were taken with the new VIRB XE action camera. He and Colin are also DeLorme ambassadors and always take an inReach satellite communicators with them on their adventures around the globe.)

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