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Born to Adventure: Hage Life & Parenting

Oct 13, 2016 Comments (0) Born to Adventure: Hage Life & Parenting


Matt and Agnes Hage undoubtedly crave adventure, whether that may be returning home from a month long trip to Japan, repacking in 72 hours and heading to the Andes for a month, or Matt proposing to Agnes on the summit of Denali over 20,000 ft. elevation. Their addition to Team Total Domination has been nothing short of awesome, and we could go on and on about their achievements and adventures.  However, their story evolved this past year with the addition of their son, Dusty. This little dude was out on overnight backpacking trips from the time he was 3 weeks old (yes, weeks). The happy family of three will soon be starting another new chapter; moving into an Airstream, a home they will reside in for 75 percent of the year. The remaining time will be spent in their current home in Anchorage, Alaska. Matt and Agnes share their story on how to continue their journey with their little man.


What’s your advice for new parents who want to continue traveling and exploring?

“It sounds cliché, but start getting out with the kiddos as soon as you can. We’ve found Dusty to be so ‘portable’ these first few months. And it’s easy to meet all his needs out in the backcountry; tone things down at first, both in exposure to the elements and length of the days on the go," explains Matt. “Hopefully the little one will start getting used to being out in the woods and let you know when it’s ok to start doing longer days. Lastly, we’ve found it's a good idea to schedule in recovery time afterwards in case it turns out to be much more challenging than you thought.”

Must-have Items for Dusty

“Bring diapers and wipes, for sure. We bring a pretty good-sized umbrella with us, for both hot and cold weather,” says Matt. “We have to keep him warm, because he doesn’t have good circulation to his hands and feet. When he starts getting cold, he goes from being happy to not happy. Those are big ones.”

“Hope for the best, prepare for the absolute worst.”

They assured us that taking Dusty on trips isn’t always perfect. The couple has pulled the plug on a couple of backpacking trips. “Keeping him out when he’s not havin’ it is not worth it. You won’t have a good time, and he won’t have a good time,” explains Matt. “One overnighter, we had a sleepless night. It took a long time to recover. We literally didn’t answer an e-mail for at least three days after that; we were just trying to catch up.

“He forces us to slow down.”

“Everything will be on a much smaller scale for a while. The real reason to take him on a backpacking trip is not to crush the backpacking trip, it’s just to get out and be like oh my god, we are doing this as new parents. It’s pretty cool,” Matt says. “You got to think in small terms. Plan a trip, and then pull back 50 percent. You can get your butt kicked in a big way if you push it.”

“Try and stay active during pregnancy."

"Go out on day hikes,” says Matt. “Near the end of Agnes’s pregnancy, we were hiking at about one mile per hour. Not only did that keep her active, but it also helped adjust our mindset to a slower pace.” The couple even did an overnight trip a week before Dusty was born.

Just like everyone, they still enjoy binge watching Netflix and eating a burger with friends at a local brewery. In the future, they hope to hike, bike, and climb in all 50 states, with Dusty by their side.  

Follow the adventures of Matt, Agnes, and Dusty HERE

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