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Beer is Love Spotlight: Surfrider Foundation

Nov 02, 2016 Comments (0)  | Tags: Beer is Love Beer is Love Spotlight: Surfrider Foundation


We are dedicated to helping non-profits flourish in any way we can, because we admire and support efforts to make our world a better place. Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit, grassroots, environmental organization based out of Southern California, with dozens of chapters all across the United States and Hawaii. They are dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves, and beaches. Their primary focuses include beach access, clean water, ocean protection, coastal preservation, and plastic pollution.

In the past two years, we have donated 1,130 pints of great beer to 17 Surfrider Foundation events.

There are too many events to share in one blog post, so we thought we would highlight a couple of our favorites.

Cascadia Conference

How did the donation impact your event?

Your generous donation of beer enabled us to provide some delicious thank you brews to all our volunteers and partner agency folks, something that we don't have the budget to do otherwise! It helps turn events like these into more enjoyable gatherings that folks are stoked to be a part of!

What does the Beer is Love Program mean to you?

We think the Beer is Love program embodies the same spirit that we approach our work with – Coastal and ocean conservation is serious business, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun along the way. Surfrider is optimistic about the future of our ocean and coasts because we see people working within our network to make a positive difference every day. The more people who join us the more fun it becomes and the more success we have in protecting what we love. Beer is Love just helps us do that more effectively!

Music is an integral part of our brewery. In that spirit, what would be the theme song for your organization?

Rodeo Clowns - G. Love and Jack Johnson

Cape Perpetua Volunteer Appreciation

Tell us about your  event.         

This annual event celebrates the volunteer efforts of many of our partnered conservation projects in the Cape Perpetua area. Beyond Surfrider, this event helps to serve many partner volunteer groups including: Audubon Society of Portland, Cetacean Society, Native Fish Society, Oregon Wild, Oregon Shores, US Forest Service, and OPRD interpretive volunteers. Cape Perpetua is an amazing and special place for conservation with many groups and volunteers working hard to continue the strong stewardship ethic.

How did the donation impact your event? 

We serve a proper meal at this event and it would only be natural to pair that with some awesome beers! By not spending money on beer for our annual volunteer appreciation event, we're able to conduct more water quality sampling through our local Blue Water Task Force program annually.

What does the Beer is Love Program mean to you?      

It means a lot to our volunteers to be appreciated for the work they do for our oceans, waves and beaches. Beer is Love helps reinforce to our volunteers that there work is appreciated by a broader community of interests, including businesses like Ninkasi that depend on clean water and a healthy environment to support their bottom line.

Music is an integral part of our brewery. In that spirit, what would be the theme song for your organization?   


Feel free to check out the Surfrider Foundation website for more information. Get involved! Click HERE.

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