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Women Who Code Aims To Make A Difference In Tech

Feb 10, 2017 Comments (0)  | Tags: Beer is Love Women Who Code Aims To Make A Difference In Tech

We are thrilled to work with three incredible nonprofits during the Believer campaign. Women Who Code is an international nonprofit based in San Francisco, committed to helping women become industry leaders in the tech world. Our Beer is Love program aligns with its mission of helping and supporting women succeed in today's world.  Read below to learn more about the work of this great organization and how you can help!

1. Please tell us a brief history of your organization.

Women Who Code was formed as a meetup group in 2011. Finding that there was a growing need for an inclusive community in tech they expanded rapidly, and in 2013 they achieved 501c3 status. Today they have over 80,000 members as well as Networks in 60 cities and 20 countries around the world. They have held more than 4,200 free technical events, and they have given away $1M in technical scholarships and conference tickets in the last year.

2. If you could describe your non-profit organization in three words, what would they be and why?

Diversity Empowerment Leadership

3. If your organization turned into a Ninkasi beer, what beer would it be and why?

The Believer beer probably best embodies the values of Women Who Code, because we believe in a better future built on principles of equality and inclusion.

4. How does your organization measure success?

Success is best measured by impact. The more of a positive effect that we can have on people’s lives, and the world in general, the better we’re doing. This can include things like Network Directors taking on leadership roles, members using skills they learn at our events to level up in their careers, as well as an increasing respect for the talents of diverse individuals, and how aware people are of the contributions of women.

5. What is your organization's greatest achievement, and how did you accomplish it?

Connecting people, supporting them in their career goals, and empowering women to succeed in tech is our greatest accomplishment, and it’s something we get to experience every day.

6. If you could have an influential person represent your organization, who would it be and why?

We’re constantly reaching out and forming partnerships with the most influential people in tech, and we are lucky to have a Board of Advisors that is made up of some of the most impactful people in the industry including Regina Wallace-Jones the Head of Security Operations at Facebook, Shawn Layden the President of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, and Lily Chang the VP of Central Engineering at VMWare.

7. What does the Believer campaign mean to your organization?

We are overwhelmed by the support of organizations like Ninkasi, and our partnership through the Believer campaign is an incredible demonstration of their commitment to diversity in the tech industry.

Use our beer finder to track down some Believer near you and grab a 6-pack today!

Click HERE to vote for your favorite nonprofit. 

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